Topiary Pot Makeover

Topiary Pot Makeover-homemade chalk finish paint

I have been a lover of dark colors for many, many years but recently I have found myself swaying to the lighter side of things.  Although I will forever love brown leather, I am working on incorporating some light shades of cream, tans, and whites into my decor.

This topiary pot makeover is just one of the small changes I have recently made as I move toward some lighter colors.  I thought it was best to start small to determine how much was enough.

I have had these little faux lemon tree topiary’s for many years and I love them.  I have thought of getting rid of them but can never bring myself to do it.  They came in the traditional terracotta pots.

Topiary Pot Makeover-Before adding homemade chalk finish paint

BUT before they were painted white recently they were a blue/ green combo.  I had actually did that only a few months ago but you know how it goes…

Topiary Pot Makeover-Green to White

I took a sample container of Valspar paint that I picked up for free from Lowe’s.  Those magazine coupons do come in handy!! It is the color Muslin Wrap.  It’s a creamy white.  I used my homemade chalk finish paint recipe on them.

I did two coats of paint because I didn’t really want the other color showing through.  After the paint dried I sanded over them with sand paper.  I used a really rough paper so that I could get it down to the original finish.

Topiary Pot Makeover-white distressed

If you notice also on the inside of the pot it was just a black plastic.  I took  some of my floral moss and glued it in.  Made it look more organic and gave it a cool texture.

Topiary Pot Makeover-Mantel Decor

I haven’t went too far yet with the whites in my decor but so far I am loving what I have done.

I did give my garage sale table a lighter makeover.

Hopefully soon I can get the living room cleaned up enough to take some other pictures.  I hung some white Ikea curtains that I need to show you.  That may take a few more weeks, it is summer after all and the kids are home!

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  1. Love the simplicity of this makeover and the fresh new look to something “old” that it gives!

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