Garage Sale Table Makeover

I really don’t always have the best of luck at garage sales BUT every few years I come across something I have been wanting and the price is right!

My sister and I decided to hit up a few sales on Saturday at around 11:00, which is really late for garage sale shopping. This can be good or bad…either all of the good deals are already sold or prices are really cheap because the seller really wants to get rid of an item. Good thing for me, I hit the house where the seller wanted to get rid of everything!! Then it was on for my garage sale table makeover!

I needed this table for my foyer since I rearranged furniture and moved my dresser to my living room. If you follow me on Instagram you saw me post my Saturday find and the fact that I only paid $20 for it!!

Garage Sale Table Makeover

Since my husband and kids were away this weekend camping I decided to go ahead and make her beautiful right away!

I started by sanding the entire thing.  I didn’t sand completely down to the bare wood only enough to get her a little smooth.  I was planning to use some paint I already had on hand, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and Maison Blanche in Magnolia so there was no need to do a full sanding.

Garage Sale Table Makeover Before

As you can see, I was getting a head of myself with the sander…I moved her outside before I continued!

Garage Sale Table Makeover Sanding

After we started sanding, my sister and I decided to see what the wood looked like under the veneer.  It was already loose so we peeled it up pretty easily…except for this center piece that was stuck pretty good.  It took a little work.

Garage Sale Table Makeover Removing Veneer

The wood was rough and 3 different sizes of boards BUT I loved it!!

Then I started painting the rest of the piece.  I first painted the Paris Grey, then a watered down coat of the Magnolia.  After the paint was dry, I hit different spots with my sander.  I wanted to see all of the different layers of paint.  I also added a little dark wax in places.

Garage Sale Table Makeover Paint layers

I wanted to keep the wood as natural as possible and I had read where another blogger had used Coconut Oil to rehydrate the wood…it worked beautifully!  (Thanks, 2 Little Superheroes!)

Garage Sale Table Makeover with Coconut Oil

I am so thrilled with how my garage sale table makeover turned out!! It gets me really excited for the spring selling season, maybe I can find a few more treasures!

Garage Sale Table Makeover with Annie Sloan

Garage Sale Table Makeover Wood Grain

Garage Sale Table Makeover Before and After





  1. Wow, that table turned out beautifully! I had never heard of using coconut oil before, I will definitely have to try that when I get a chance! I’m sharing your post on my FB page, I think my followers will really like it! :o)


  2. We’re going the other direction, we have a table to sell and thought about refinishing it before the garage sale. Do you think we’d be better to leave it as-is and let the buyer finish it themselves?

  3. What a gorgeous table. Such beautiful bones….. You really performed some great cosmetic surgery….. {I’m thinking it would look really good in my hallway….!!} Happy Easter to you and yours…. 🙂
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. Sonya,

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the party! What an amazing project! I just pinned it to the BHG board!

    Happy day friend!

  5. It was the first time I used Coconut Oil for my furniture BUT yes, blended right in…feels great too! I would think any raw or older stained wood that needs some hydration you could use it on!

  6. OH my loving style of your wonderful bargain table. Boy did you hit the jackpot for a bargain. I’m so envious I could spit. Good thing I don’t live close to you, might try to talk you out of it. Happy for you. Happy Spring

  7. Love the table and the size is perfect for a foyer. So glad that you got a great bargain on it! I’m going to try the coconut oil trick. I have a few dry pieces that could really use it.

  8. Really love what you did and how the table turned out. I have a similar antique table that is very dark and would love to change it up with a lighter finish, but have been hesitant – Now I am inspired – Great Job!!

  9. Love It! Especially how elegant you look sanding with your bling on! (wedding ring and watch!) Girl has Class!!! Love u and the family too:)

  10. The table turned out awesome. Thanks for the idea on the coconut oil trick, I have a glider my dad made. After sanding it over the weekend I thought I was going to have to paint it because the wood didn’t look very pretty but I think I will try that first. You are a big inspiration to be because next I am going to try and paint my dining room table too.

  11. I love what you did! You got a great deal to start with, but you turned it into an even better piece. I don’t know that I would have been brave enough to delve under the veneer, but it paid off beautifully! I will use this as inspiration as I start to hit the spring sales. Great job!!

  12. Sonya,
    I love how it turned out! Patience paid off. I need to get out and do some yard sale shopping 🙂
    Hugs …

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