DIY Monogram Flag

Learn how to create a DIY monogram flag for your spring decor.

DIY Monogram Flag-Outdoor Decor

As the weather gets warmer outside I love spending time on the deck or patio having a meal or just listening to the birds sing.  I really have more plans for my outdoors this year but I was wanting to start with a small project that I could do to personalize my space a little more.

I wanted a flag with the initial of my last name on it but I didn’t want a traditional nylon flag that I can find anywhere.  Of course I wanted to make my own. I decided wood would be perfect for the outdoors and if done right could be used for years to come. Here is the supply list to get you started. I have included my affiliate links for you.

DIY Monogram Flag Supplies:

I started my DIY monogram flag project with the wooden plaque I found at Wal-mart for $11.97.  It is almost the same size as the nylon flags and had a nice beveled edge already on it.  I found it in the craft section.  I am very frugal and at first I was thinking it seemed expensive because I have a wood shop and could cut my own BUT then I decided buying the plaque was a time saver so I went for it.

DIY Monogram Flag-Wooden Plaque

First step was to paint the entire surface with an exterior paint.  Important since this piece will hang on my deck.  I already had the paint I used on my board and batten shutters.  Sorry I totally forgot to take a picture of me painting this! That’s ok…it was the boring part anyway 🙂

Then for my monogram initial I traced it out with a wooden “B” that I had at home.  You can easily print one on your computer, cut it out and trace.  I used a pencil for the tracing.

DIY Monogram Flag-Trace Letter

Then I painted it in with white acrylic paint.  This took a few coats of paint because I was painting over a dark surface.  After the white was dry I added polka dots with an aqua blue acrylic paint.  I used the end of the paint brush just dotting some on and coloring in some to make them bigger.

DIY Monogram Flag-Acrylic paint

DIY Monogram Flag-painting polka dots

A coat of spray poly will protect the finished project to hang out side.

Then pre-drill your holes before screwing in the hooks. I had my husband do this so I could get a picture.

DIY Monogram Flag-drill hook holes

SO happy with how my DIY monogram flag turned out.

DIY Monogram Flag-Deck Decor

DIY Monogram Flag-Outdoor Decor
DIY Monogram Flag Outdoor Project

Now I’m curious…are Southerners the only one’s who love monograms?

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  1. That is adorable! I totally need to steal this idea for my kids’ area in our back yard and write their names on it. Or keep it simple with a monogram… love it!

  2. Lots of creativity amongst us bloggers! I saw your flag, it was gorgeous! Great minds surely do think a like. Have a great week ~Sonya

  3. Hi Sonya! I was (finally) adding everyone in our Ahalogy group to my favorites and scheduling pins for everyone when I came across your monogram flag. I also made one with the very same concept because I had such a difficult time finding a particular flag I had seen, with the letter I needed. Mine posted a couple of weeks after yours, so I just didn’t want you to think I had taken your idea without giving you credit. Great minds think alike, I guess. This is a great alternative to a flag and yours turned out so cute!
    XO, Christy

  4. Love this idea. I think it just inspired me to do something with an old metal sign holder we have. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. This is adorable! I love how you’ve hung it on your deck so it almost looks like a hanging picture. I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed!

  6. So cute! I really need to try this!

    Southerners love monograms! I had a monogram wedding shower and at first, I was hesitant until I got there as realized how many things could be monogrammed!

    I am in SC, too! Super close to you, in fact!

  7. I a so doing this! I love monogram anything and have also wanted something different than a traditional flag. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. We just washed it off…BUT it’s already yellow again! I’m sure we will wash a few more times. Thanks for pinning!

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