Baseball Hat Wall Organizer

Learn how to build your own baseball hat wall organizer for the cap collector in your life. Simple way to make hats accessible and neatly displayed.

For years I kept telling Ray he had way too many hats. I’m sure I was annoying about it from time to time. I realized all of his hats were like shoes. Depending on where you are going, what you will be doing and the outfit you have on, will call for a different ball cap.

24 hats hanging on hooks built behind the door

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I tried hanging them all on one of the old school accordion style racks. It was a huge fail. The way it opens doesn’t leave enough room for a hat to hang well and we had to stack multiple hats one a peg. That created a constant battle of hats falling all over the floor.

Those hats can get so dirty as well. I did the laundry stripping method on tall of his ball caps.

Laundry Stripping dirty water


  • 35 1/2 inch long boards hung with 11 inches between each board (we hung 6 rows)
  • Hooks hung 5 inches from each end and 8 inches apart
  • 6 boards, with 4 hooks, total 24 hat hooks

I wanted to go ahead and list the measurements here at the top incase that is all you came here to see. More details for how we built them are below.

While Ray has 32 hats currently, a few that aren’t worn often are double stacked.

Supplies used to build the wall hat hook organizer

hanging hat on hook organizer hidden display in bedroom

Quick note about the hooks and screws. We bought chrome wall hooks from Home Depot. The screws that came with the hooks were very long. So that means we have lots of extra holes in our wall now because the screws went through the board into the wall.

The screws that come with chrome hooks I found on Amazon have shorter screws. The length of that screw should not go into the wall.

Ray kept saying, I wish these screws weren’t this long because if we ever take this hat organizer down we will have lots of holes to patch. I laughed and said, we will never be taking this down. Even if we sell our home, it’s a great permanent organizer.

I just wanted to point that out to you in order to give you the option.

hat hook organizer behind the door in the master bedroom

Steps for building baseball hat wall storage

  • buy wood and hooks
  • measure for your space (our measurements are above)
  • cut wood, level, and hang
  • mark lines and drill pilot holes for hooks
  • paint wall color
  • screw hooks into the wood board
  • hang hats
hat on hook organizer hidden display in bedroom

The wood length will depend on your personal space. Each strip of ours was cut to 35 1/2 inches long, the distance from the corner of the wall to the door trim.

We figured out the best measurement to have between each of the hooks and I listed those above in the measurements section. This is best in order to keep the hats close but enough space to remove them without knocking another one off.

DIY Wall hat organizer in bedroom

Tips for hanging the wood and hooks

To make life easier cut a piece of board 11 inches in length to use as a template for the distance between each row. Makes it easy to hang.

Although hats aren’t heavy, we drilled our boards into a stud.

We used a laser level to mark where the hooks would hang so that they would all hang in a straight line. First we marked the measurements (listed above in the measurement section) for the hooks on the top board with a pencil. Then the laser level was sat on the floor, lined up with the pencil mark on that top board.

man hanging wood strips for hat hook organizer

I had always intended to paint the hat organizer to match the wall color. Even though it is hidden behind the door and we are the only one’s that see it, painting it made it much more aesthetically pleasing.

The white primed wood boards on the wall lets you see how it all looked before I painted them the Sherwin Williams Sable wall color.

wood strips for hat hook organizer behind the door

This project has been a huge hit with Ray. Each day when he grabs a hat he comments how nice it is to have them organized all in one place.

I’ve talked many times about decluttering our home and we are strong believers in less stuff. However, organizing what you love is a game changer.

Hopefully this easy project will help the hat collector in your home get more organized.

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