Sherwin Williams Sable

Sherwin Williams Sable is a sophisticated and versatile brown hue that adds depth and warmth to any space especially a bedroom. As a neutral color, Sable SW 6083 works well with lots of other colors.

Primary Bedroom, Sable brown walls, white bedding and bench
Master Bedroom Vintage art canvas on dark brown painted walls

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What type of color is Sable?

Sable is a rich brown hue, leaning towards a medium-dark shade depending on the light coming into the room. It has a moderate saturation, giving it depth and richness without being overly vibrant. This color feels like a big hug, cozy and inviting.

bedroom with bench, matching nightstands and lamps with dark brown walls

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Dark colors can absorb light, making a room feel smaller and potentially darker if there’s limited natural light. Conversely, ample natural light can balance out the darkness of the paint, preventing the room from feeling too closed-in or gloomy.

Choose Sherwin Williams Sable for your home if your aesthetic resonates with deep, rich colors.

Dark Sable brown walls Bedroom Reading Chair nook

What is the LRV of Sherwin Williams Sable?

The LRV (Light Reflective Value) of Sable is an 8. Remember, LRV is measured 0-100 with 0 being the darkest black and 100 being pure white. The number determines how light or dark a color will appear.

As you can tell by these photos of our bedroom, having an LRV 8, Sable will be very dark.

Bedroom Sherwin Williams Sable walls, cozy throw blanket

What are the undertones of Sable?

The undertone of Sable is very warm. Whether you know the exact undertone of a paint color you can usually see it with the naked eye. Depending on other things surrounding the paint color, such as wood floors, carpet, rugs, and furniture, the undertone can be much more obvious.

Undertone of a paint color can make or break a room. This is why is important to choose paint after the main surfaces and fabrics have been picked.

Master Bedroom Refresh Brown walls

Best paint sheen for Sable?

Paint sheen is a personal preference but there are a few important things to consider. For dark colors, like Sable, consider the glares and reflections from light sources such as lamps and overhead lights.

The higher the sheen or shine, the more glare you will get. For walls I personally stick with eggshell or matte finish because I don’t want too many glares.

A semi gloss or gloss paint will have a high shine. This will work for those of you who are looking for a more glamorous style. My paint sheen guide will help you make the best decision.

Master Bedroom Vintage Art on brown wall

Where to use Sable in your home?

You can use it in any room for a cozy and moody feeling. A bedroom is one of the best places to paint dark walls, especially a warm brown like Sherwin Williams Sable.

You can see from these photos how I used it in our primary bedroom. So far this is a partial makeover and I plan to get a new ceiling fan and do something new with the night stands.

Try this color with lots of natural elements like woven baskets and light wood furniture.

Think about the function of the room and how the dark paint color will impact its use. For example, dark colors can be conducive to relaxation in bedrooms but might not be ideal for spaces where productivity or energy levels need to be high, like home offices or kitchens.

Handy Tip

If saving money and starting a project fast is your style, learning how to paint a room from top to bottom is a skill you’re going to want to know. Even if you are a beginner, knowing how to paint a room is the best way to a new look quick.

Nightstand with mirror on Sherwin Williams Sable painted wall

Sable Coordinating Colors?

This is a list of coordinating colors you can consider if you need to paint adjoining spaces or trim work.

  • Realist Beige SW 6078
  • Utaupeia SW 9088
  • Everyday White SW 6077
Bedroom SW 6083 Sable Walls

Similar Colors to SW Sable

These are four great options for you to sample to be sure you get the correct paint color for your space. The first slide is the SW Sable in order for you to see the slight difference in each paint color.

  • Enduring Bronze SW 7055
  • French Roast SW 6069
  • Rookwood Dark Brown SW 2808
  • Otter SW 6041

Enduring bronze has an LRV: 7, RGB: 85 / 76 / 62

French Roast has an LRV: 4, RGB: 79 / 52 / 38

Rookwood Dark Brown has an LRV: 8, RGB: 95 / 77 / 67

Otter has an LRV: 6, RGB: 86 / 67 / 59

Don’t skip this step!

The number one way to guarantee you get a paint color that misses the mark, is to skip the sample step. Don’t make that mistake.

Be sure to sample your paint colors.

More Dark Brown Paint Colors from Top Brands

  1. Benjamin Moore
    • Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Mink” (2112-10)
  2. Behr
    • Paint Color: Behr “Dark Truffle” (PPU5-19)
  3. PPG (Porter Paints):
    • Paint Color: PPG “Pumpernickel” (PPG15-22)
  4. Valspar
    • Paint Color: Valspar “Swiss Chocolate” (3010-10)
  5. Dunn-Edwards
    • Paint Color: Dunn-Edwards “Haberdashery” (DEBN43)

Overall Thoughts

Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing a paint color. Some people are drawn to the cozy and dramatic atmosphere created by dark paint colors, while others may prefer lighter, airier spaces. It’s essential to choose a color that resonates with your aesthetic preferences and complements the overall design scheme of your home.

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Dark brown paint color for cozy bedroom makeover

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