Sherwin Williams Adaptive Shade

Get all of the details about my favorite cozy olive green paint color, Sherwin Williams Adaptive Shade. This green is the perfect medium neutral with undertones of gray and green.

If choosing a darker moody color is a scary thought for you, read on. I think you will find this paint color can be a beautiful option for your home. Like most colors, this one can look different as the light changes around it.

Adaptive Shade paint colored walls in hallway and living room

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When I tested living room paint samples a few years ago for this room makeover, Adaptive Shade was the color I was hoping to find. I was looking for a mid to deep shade.

Testing samples on directly on the wall can get tricky. It really is a better idea to buy peel and stick real paint samples.

Our living room is the space we lounge and watch TV. Creating a cozy space is very important to me. This room has been a few different colors over the years but this Adaptive Shade with its olive green undertones is the best.

We had professional painters at the house repairing and painting the ceiling so we decided to get a quote to paint this space. They gave us a great deal so we hired it out.

living room fireplace view with  Adaptive Shade painted walls

I’ve been sharing our black painted fireplace tile on Facebook and the number one question has been, what is the color on the walls. See our bathroom makeover with black painted walls if the black intrigues you.

In fact, Sherwin Williams Black Magic is my favorite black to coordinate with adaptive shade paint color. Check out my best black paint colors to see which one is best for your home.

Cozy Paint Color for Living Room

Living room being painted with sherwin williams adaptive shade

Where else to use Adaptive Shade

  • Living room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • exterior of home
  • furniture
  • bathroom

If you plan on painting a bathroom be sure to use a designed bathroom paint that will hold up to humidity.

Depending on where you are going to add this paint color you may want to choose a different finish. I prefer an eggshell finish most often for walls. That is what I went with here in the living room.

Hot pink heart graphic

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Foyer adaptive shade walls

Why use Adaptive Shade

  • timeless color
  • neutral and earthy
  • cozy room
  • allows accessories to stand out
deck styling with vase of baby's breath against and brass lamp against adaptive shade wall color

Adaptive Shade details

  • R:134 G:126 B:112
  • Hex value: #867e70
  • LRV:21

RGB Color Values

RGB is red, green and blue. These paint color values are listed from 0-255 with zero meaning pure black and 255 being white.

Light Reflectance Value

The LRV of Adaptive Shade is 21. Light reflectance value or LRV as you will see it written when describing paint is the measure of how much light is reflected from or absorbed into a painted surface. On a scale of 0-100, pure white is 100 with pure black being a zero.

You don’t need to understand the full details about LRV and RGB to choose a paint color for your home. Knowing the little I shared above will help you tremendously.

Foyer and staircase view into the living room with cozy wall color

Coordinating Colors per Sherwin Williams

  • SW 7049 Nuance
  • SW 7537 Irish Cream
  • SW 9006 Rojo Dust

To me there are many colors that work well with adaptive shade. It works well as a neutral base color to a room. Use coordinating colors in adjacent rooms and also in fabrics.

Living room sofa, vintage wood coffee table and round mirror on wall

More Greenish Gray paint colors to try

  • Dovetail – Sherwin Williams SW7018
  • Back Drop – Sherwin Williams SW7025
  • Anonymous – Sherwin Williams SW7046

Check out our entire home paint color palette for more deep moody colors.

Living room TV cabinet and chair with adaptive shade wall color


  1. Thank you! I’m so inspired by your color choices. Looking for colors for our new home — these feel so inviting. And that chair!!!

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