Painted Tile Fireplace Makeover

A painted stone tile fireplace can add a simple elegance to a home. Learn how to add paint to a tile fireplace with these simple steps.

It’s an easy DIY that packs a big punch.

This is the before. It’s already pretty I know. I talk more about that at the bottom of the post.

fireplace before painting it black

This is a an idea I’ve been secretly thinking of for almost a year. I was worried Ray wouldn’t be on board with me painting our stone tile.

One day a few weeks ago he said he thought our tile looked outdated.

BOOM! That was my opening.

My instinct was originally black. The same black I used in our bathroom makeover, dining room makeover and closets. However, I painted a few of the tiles a creamy gray taupe first just to be sure.

This is not my first time painting stone tiles. I painted our kitchen stone backsplash a couple of years ago. It has held up very well.

You can read that post if you want to do this in a kitchen. The process is a little different.

DIY kitchen makeover including open wood shelves

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The hardest part for me was deciding where to paint the black. Tile and hearth only, include the surround, or paint it top to bottom black.

I messaged a designer friend on Instagram the photo of the tile and hearth only painted. It was his idea to to just the surround and leave the top white. So I did a quick sketch on my phone.

3 way mock up of fireplace makeover

This was a mock up I did at night and using my finger to fill it in black. So they aren’t the greatest quality but it worked to help me see the possibilities.

Steps for painting your fireplace

  • dust and prepare the surface
  • gather paint and supplies
  • tape off tiles if needed
  • paint fireplace surround and tiles
  • remove tape and clean up
  • enjoy your new fireplace makeover

Dust and Prepare the surface

As with any paint project, cleaning your surface first is usually a must. In total honesty here, I did not clean my tile, except for a light dusting.

Painting mine black was the reason. Had I went with a light color this would have been more important. A fireplace can put off black dust which will stick to a paint brush filled with white paint.

If you need to clean use regular dish detergent and give it a good washing. If you can wipe your stone with a damp cloth and it comes out clean then you are good to paint.

black magic by sherwin williams painted fireplace stone

Gather paint and supplies

The paint needs to be matte finish or eggshell, in my opinion. Anything shiny will cause lots of reflections with dark paint and may cause the fireplace makeover not to look as good as it should.

Once you start painting this stone tile you can’t go back.

painting fireplace hearth during process

Tape off any areas needed

I notoriously paint with out tape. If you feel you need it of course use it.

Paint fireplace surround and tile

I painted my tile with a black chalk paint first. Chalk paint goes on like a primer so it helps add a good base over the stone tile. For my wood surround I painted it with regular white primer because I ran out of the chalk paint.

The white area of the mantel surround was painted in a semi gloss paint. I need to prime over that in order for the eggshell paint to adhere well.

This is a necessary step when you are painting over shiny surfaces.

The second and final coat of paint was HGTV by Sherwin Williams Black Magic in eggshell finish.

Painting Tips

  • use small inexpensive artist brushes to get in between small cracks
  • some spaces I used a q-tip
  • lots of dabbing with paint helps get into deep grooves
painting stone tile wet and dry paint
Sonya looking at the painted fireplace during the process
black magic by sherwin williams painted fireplace stone
living room fireplace makeover with painted tile

Remove tape and clean up

Removing tape and cleaning up is easy for this project.

Fold up your drop cloth and wash out your paint brushes.

living room fireplace makeover with painted tile

Enjoy your new fireplace makeover

I am so happy with how this makeover turned out. I wanted to show the after with it decorated the same as well as a simple greenery swap. I think this gives a real example of how paint truly is magical.

Can you even imagine what it will look like decorated for Christmas. I can’t wait for it.

living room fireplace makeover with painted tile
living room fireplace makeover with painted tile

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I want to be clear about our fireplace. It was beautiful before and I enjoyed it for the years we had it that way.

Painting it to me gives our living room a new look. Now the painted black areas make the fireplace look much more substantial in size.

Look how the evening sun makes it look. I just love it.

Fireplace painted stone DIY makeover
black magic by sherwin williams painted fireplace stone

If you have dated tile or stone and want a new look, now you know exactly what to do. I look forward to your makeovers. Message me when you do this!