Studio McGee Target Collection Spring Launch

As soon as I saw my favorite designer, Studio McGee was launching a collection at Target with Threshold, I knew I had to share it here. The design elements found through out Shea’s style really speak to me. There is a classic yet trendy look while staying approachable and comfortable.

I originally wrote this post for the 2020 spring launch but will update as new launches happen!

The collection includes everything from accessories, furniture, wall art, and textiles. Studio McGee creates high end design and I love the affordability of the items from the Threshold Collection. I’m gathering many of my very favorites below. Just click on the photo to see details.

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Shea McGee and her team are very good at layering a home with the right design and style. It is never over done. She uses decor with the right amount of form and function.

One thing I love most about this Target collaboration is the price point. Studio McGee is a high end design studio and shop. Not a price point I could normally afford. While I do believe in buy the best you can afford, these items at Target are really good.

Shop more of my favorites below.


Studio McGee Target Collection Spring Launch

Click the photo to see all details and shop.