Master Bedroom Before

This is the month…the month I complete my master bedroom makeover! Before we get to the master bedroom before photos there is something I wanted to share. One of the reasons why I have never shown you my master bedroom on the blog.

How are you with follow through?  Do you start tasks, projects and chores then get half way done and leave it?

Well, I sure do!  All too often.

I am great at starting things.  I can get going on something then it will fade quickly or I get side tracked by another project.

So for 2015, my motto is… FOLLOW THROUGH!!

Follow Through 2015 Motto


Those 2 simple words will make a huge difference in my life.

If I cook dinner but don’t clean the kitchen afterwards I’m only postponing the inevitable. If I follow through and complete the task at hand, I won’t be trying to clean the kitchen at 10:30 at night missing time with my husband watching one of our favorite shows.

If I fold the clothes when the dryer stops I won’t have to restart to fluff them over and over again because I let them wrinkle!  Follow Through!!!

If I start a paint project but don’t like the color, then set it aside not to look at it again for a long time, I’m only causing clutter around my house.  If I quickly just pick a new color and follow through with the finish, I’d have a new piece for my home or a piece to sell.

SO, you get the point!  No matter what I am working on whether it be domestic duties, blogging business or DIY projects my new plan for 2015 is to always remind myself to FOLLOW THROUGH!!

The first order of business for my new motto is my master bedroom.  I have half way decorated this room long enough.  I will be completing it this month! I will post about it every Friday for the month of January giving you updates and project tutorials as they happen. Make sure you are subscribed to my emails so you don’t miss anything.

Here is the room…I painted these walls when we bought this house 7 years ago!  That is a LONG time for me!!

Master Bedroom Before

I’ve already given the bed to my brother and SIL.  I plan to keep the night stands because they are so useful to me and tall!

Master Bedroom Before- Night Stands


Master Bedroom Before-TV view

The tall dresser has been moved into my husbands closet because it holds some of his clothes.  Once we do our closet makeovers we want need it in there but for now it serves it’s purpose.  The TV cabinet is going to be sold so if you live near Greenville SC and are interested just message me.

For reference, that hallway had 2 closets, you can see mine in the photo and my husbands is on the other side of the hall.  This hall leads to out master bathroom.

Master Bedroom Before with new paint color preview

Here you can see we already started with the new paint color.  I decided I still loved the dark color in the tray so I kept it.  If I am not mistaken, it is Urbane Bronze.  The walls are lighter and brighter.  I used Antique White from Sherwin Williams.  I love a warm creamy white and this one is perfect.

Over the next month each Friday you can expect to see things like a new headboard, fabrics and bedding, a bench makeover, wall decor, etc.

I would love to know who is working on their own follow through?  Are you getting things done, small or big?  Let’s all share together!  Follow me on Instagram then use #2015followthrough so I can see what you are working on too!  I’d love to feature some of your projects!!

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  1. I’m sorry, you’ll be way to on the ball for me to follow you… lol!!!
    > this girl loves to jump from one thing to the next <

    Oh look… something shiny.

  2. Hi Sonya, what a great motto for 2015 and an exciting project too! I really like your motto and I think I need this to be my motivational word for this year too. Like you, I work under pressure but it’s the projects like my guestroom/office makeover at home that I procrastinate, as well as the timely updating my blog that need a follow through.

  3. I have already used these words mentally in my head 10 times over the past few days…doing dishes after dinner, folding laundry when drier buzzes, etc!!

  4. Girl, I am a procrastinator. When it comes to important things it is a terrible trait BUT I work best under pressure on my creativity side. So I may not plan out my entire year, and I may still do projects at the last minute but I feel the “follow through” part will be so much help for me and my family! Your husband, as will mine, will be very happy and thoroughly impressed!! Happy New Year and I appreciate you being here! ~Sonya

  5. Hi Sonya, I just started following your blog in November/December of 2014, I am a DIYer and crafter in California, also guilty of starting projects and finding some other project leaving others unfinished. My husband has another word for me (procrastinator), but I like your words better, I like knowing I am not alone, and my own resolution for 2015 is now “follow through”,
    Thank you for your inspirations and I will continue to follow along as you work on your Master Bedroom.

  6. Thanks Debbie!! I would love to have you join in! Use the #2015followthrough on Instagram so I see what you get done!

  7. I’m guilty. I am all gung ho to start things but if they don’t go perfectly, there it sits.

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