Paris Grey Buffet Table


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table Makeover

There are times when I paint a piece of furniture and it turns out exactly as I had envisioned it would in my head, many times it does not.  This Paris Grey buffet table DID!

That is the beauty of painting furniture.  It really is an art form and as much as I would like to say I get the same precise results every time I paint would be a lie.  So when I show you a project I have completed I try to explain it the best I can.

I painted this piece for a friend of mine.  She knew she wanted it a warm shade of grey.  To decide the color I stopped by her house to look around to make sure the color would look good with the rest of her decor.  The inspiration for this color came from her stone fireplace.

It is gorgeous! Her husband is a hunter and they have great decor because of it. The antlers you may have seen at my house, they gave me…just because I wanted them…awesome right!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table Makeover-Inspiration

I new that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey would be a great base color.

The buffet table started like this…

(What you can’t see from the picture are all of the imperfections on the wood from its use.)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table Makeover-Before

After 2 coats of paint, it looked like this…

Paris Grey Buffet table-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Before Waxing

After the paint was dry, I distressed with a sanding block.

To get that warm grey color that was inspired by the stone I applied Annie Sloan dark wax next.

The color of wax you use makes a HUGE difference.  If you have never used the wax be sure to test it first.  The dark wax will absorb into the paint like stain.

After I waxed I sanded some more to let different tones of the Paris Grey to show through.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table-Dark Wax Detail

I LOVE the look it gave.

My husband stopped by to bring me a sandwich at this stage of the process and he loved it too.  He is usually very honest with me about my work so I liked having the feed back.

AND my friend loved it when she came home from work!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table Makeover

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Buffet Table Makeover

I enjoy painting pieces of furniture.  It gives me time to think and dream.  It’s like therapy.

Do you paint?  Is it your therapy as well?

**Here is another piece I painted using dark wax directly to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk.

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  1. Beautiful job and the color is gorgeous! Yes, I find painting therapeutic as well. There is just something about putting a fresh coat of paint on something whether it be furniture or walls. But it’s not just the end result, it’s like you said it gives you time to think or dream which is not always easy to find time to do!

  2. Sorry, one more question; when I bought the paint and wax, I was told that the clear wax had to be applied first. Did you use the clear wax before the dark?

  3. I just got an old buffet and this is what I’d like to do. This is my first time re-purposing anything and I’m curious how many cans of paint it took for you to do the entire buffet?

  4. Can sure see why you used the gray then dark wax. It’s beautiful in different way now than what it was. Times change and our pieces need to change with it. At the time the wood look was very popular, but now painted and waxed is more popular. At some point in it’s life maybe somebody will want to take back to original finish.
    I love that red dresser with wax, gorgeous, love that color, I can only imagine how gorgeous that piece looks in your home. It looks like a very well made dresser.
    I’ve never had opportunity to use Annie Sloan and doubt I will due to financial constraints. I will be making my own chalk paint using a product I learned about tonight on another blog, wish I could remember which blog. The product is Floetrol to mix in with paint to aid way to level itself out, prevent brush marks.
    Your friend was very lucky to have you redo her buffet, was she happy with it? Sure hope so. I get lost in pieces when I’m painting, have to caution myself not to get in hurry to get it finished.
    Happy summer days

  5. Thanks for stopping by~ The only time I used clear wax on this piece was a couple of spots that became too dark. If you clear wax over the dark wax while it’s still fresh it acts as a remover of sorts. Otherwise it is all dark wax, just sanded and buffed!

  6. This is gorgeous. Thank you much for sharing this with us. I am interested in trying out this color combo. After you distressed the dark wax, did you add any clear wax? Love this:)

  7. Thanks Kathy! I need to paint more for all the stress I currently have 🙂 BUT it’s Friday so for now, Happy Weekend! ~Sonya

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