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DIY Spray Painted Lamp Shade

I’ve been busy this week sorting through lots of clutter around my house.  You know that “stuff” that fills your mental space just as much as it fills your physical space.

I appreciate all of you who commented, encouraged, and joined in on my facebook and Instagram post about my clutter.  We can all do better and I love the accountablity.

So with that said, look for upcoming blog post about getting organized!I will keep posting updates on my Facebook and Instagram of behind the scenes.

**Update: Post from my Organizing Success listed at the bottom of this post!

For now here’s a project I completed this summer that you can all do!

DIY Spray Painted Lamp Shade

DIY Spray Painted Lamp Shade

Supplies for this project:


I purchased a basic white drum lamp shade, some painters tape and a can of spray paint.  The color I used is called Almond.  The drum shaped lamp shade is the best because it is easy to tape and keep your lines straight.

Start by placing your first piece of painters tape straight from top to bottom.  To measure the distance easily between the first line and the second, I placed a piece of tape to mark the distance.  I eyed this part…it’s not rocket science.  After I had placed the second piece of tape from top to bottom I moved my marker tape and continued the same process all the way around.

DIY Spray Painted Lamp Shade-Stripes

After I had taped off all the stripes all the way around the lamp shade, I added a second piece of tape to widen my line.  You can purchase the wide painters tape but I wasn’t sure exactly how wide I wanted my stripes so it was best I went with the smaller to start.

Spray Painted Lamp Shade-Painters Tape

I took my shade out to the back yard to paint it.  Be sure to have it raised off of the ground so that you can get a complete coverage from top to bottom.  I sat mine a piece of scrap wood.

One you have it all painted go ahead and remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

Spray Painted Lamp Shade-Painting

The stripes were perfect.  If you look closely you can see that the fabric looks a little furry.  I took a piece of sand paper and GENTLY wiped over the painted areas to dust the fuzzy look off.  BUT it really did look fine and that step wasn’t required.  I did have a little over spray on to the metal parts on the inside of the shade.  You can get that off easily with FINE steel wool.

Spray Painted lamp Shade-Almond Color Stripes

The DIY spray painted lamp shade made for a fun addition to my living room.

DIY Spray Painted Lamp Shade

Making over lamps is very budget friendly, you will love this one below! I made it for my daughters room.  It was mostly her idea.

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint and mod podge


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  1. Looks great and it’s an easy way to update a shade to coordinate with any room!

  2. I need two lampshades and these are uber cute!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 -Bev

  3. What a great idea! I have at least 3 piled that need something

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Your daughter must be really happy she has such a crafty creative Mom. I really love how that lampshade looks, very sophisticated. Her room will be very happy to have such a handsome lamp in it . Bravo Mom
    I also love the drum shades as they’re much easier to fancy up. The shape is very “now”. Didn’t know Walmart had the drum shades. Glad you mentioned it. Happy summer days

    1. Walmart doesn’t have a ton but they done have some drum shades! They are more trendy and easier to work with.

  5. What an amazing idea. Paint can always transform a piece. I have a plain lampshade and just may have to try this. Pinning 🙂

  6. I have a lamp shade or 2 or 3 I’d like to take spray paint too! Thanks for the idea. ~Jeanette

  7. So simple, but such a nice upgrade! I love the stripes.

  8. Great lamp. I love that you kept it neutral and the spacing of the stripes too. Looks very professional.

  9. This is a great project! I can’t believe how easy this would be. I am looking at my lamp shades in a whole new light….Sharing of my FB page! If you have a chance, would love for you to stop by The Handmade Hangout Link Party tomorrow night at Redouxinteriors!

    1. Thanks Karen! I will be glad to stop in for the party, 🙂

  10. Hey Sonya! Cute idea to update a lamshade! I saw this project on Pinterest, but also visiting from the Enchanting Inspiration Link Party! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Michelle, so glad you stopped by! Have a great weekend ~Sonya

  11. I did almost the exact same project but I brushed a metallic paint on the shade. I love the stripes and the color, too! Great job, Sonya!

  12. Sonya, your lamp looks great! I really like the tan and white stripes, it looks so elegant! I’d love for you to come over and share it at Project Pin-it!


  13. Looks awesome thanks for sharing -I’m getting some old lamps together for my sons apartment and this will be a great idea!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure you can work wonders for your son’s apartment. ~Sonya

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