Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint

I love to take something that no longer looks stylish and make it new again.

This thrift store lamp makeover was perfect!

AND lamps are expensive…have you priced them lately?

I found this beauty a few years ago for about $5…She looked like this…

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint-Before

ALL she needed was a little love and a few supplies.

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint-Before

So I used one of my favorite kinds of paint for this thrift store lamp makeover…Spray Paint!  Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold was the perfect shade of gold for this project.  It went on perfectly and covered directly over the ceramic lamp without primer.

Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold

AND with some gift wrap and Mod Podge I already had at home…

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint and mod podge

She was ready to shine again, in more ways than one 🙂

Since the gift wrap had stripes it was super easy to cut to size.

FYI…make sure you don’t use flimsy gift wrap paper, it works better with the glue if it is thick.

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint and mod podge

I painted the glue on in small sections so that I wouldn’t accidentally stick down too much of the gift wrap.

This allows me the ability to press out any bumps that may pop up as I stick the paper to the glue.

This thrift store lamp makeover turned out WAY better than I had imagined and my daughter LOVES it in here newly decorated room.  Another thrift store lamp idea can be done by painting metal.

In fact, I always love a good spray paint project. So be sure to check out my 5 best thrift store buys to keep you project ready. You may just find a fun thrift store art to makeover.

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint and mod podge

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover using gift wrap and spray paint and mod podge

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover-Gold Spray Paint-Mod Podge

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  1. Love the lamp! Thank you for bringing it back! I have tried the Mod Podge on good quality wrap. I get the bubbles when I put on the top layers to seal. Did you seal this? Any tips if you don’t get bubbling?

  2. Awesome lamp! It reminds me alot of Kate Spade’s type of style. Will have to try out your techniques on a few of my own projects.

  3. What a wonderful idea! It came out so good. Who would ever know the condition of it before. Amazing.

  4. Hi there, i love your DIY project. If you allow me so can i showcase this project to my DIY collection on my blog, i will link back to your blog. Thanks in Advance.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so good!!! Thanks for linking up today. We were kind of on the same page with our thrift makeover but yours is WAY better!! Love the stripes! xo

  6. Am I the only one who thinks the lamp looked better before? What a shame

  7. Sonya, this is an unbelievable lamp makeover!!! Never in a million years would I have thought you used wrapping paper. Super inspiring!!! Pinning.

  8. I really love your lamp makeover!! I especially like the gold paint color you used. I have been trying to decide on a gold spray paint to use for one of my lamps I want to makeover but wasn’t sure which to use. This one was one of the two options so now I think I’m gonna give it a try!

  9. Oh man, I was wondering where this lamp came from when I looked at the total reveal. Beautiful!

  10. Cute idea!I though it was cute before, just needed a little touch up, but I’m a shabby chic kinda girl. 🙂

  11. You did a great job on this lamp! I just wish more “regular” (read: NON crafty people) could see the beauty in used stuff like we do. Then again, there wouldn’t be anything left for us, now, would there? LOL

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  12. Sonya, Thank you so much for linking up to Get Your DIY On this past week! I am in love with this lamp. It’s adorable and what an amazing transformation! I am featuring your lamp on my blog today, come and check out. Also don’t forget to come back by and link up any spray painting projects you have had! Have a great Sunday!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  13. This lamp looks great in your daughter’s room. I probably would have passed it by in a thrift store. Now I know to think about how an ugly lamp could be changed.

    Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday.

  14. LOvE this!!! What a transformation. I have an old lamp base I’ve been wanting to do something with. This is very inspiring! Stopping by from the Throwback Thursday blog hop!

  15. What an awesome lamp transformation! I love the black and white stripes. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!

  16. Sonya, so awesome! I love how the lamp turned out. Nobody would ever guess how it started out life. I am always so amazed at what people can do when they decide to think outside the box. Great job! Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday! Kim

  17. Love the lamp. Great to have met you this weekend! Look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  18. Amazing makeover. Love the first layer of gold, then the black and white stripes from gift wrap.. Thanks for the tutorial.

  19. Love stripes and your sweet lamp! Pinning:) Your foot stool is cute too! My vintage beachy dress form would look great in your room. Stop by and see:)

  20. What an awesome project. I really love what you have done and I am going to be needing to redo some lamps soon. I look forward to trying out your method!

  21. I usually get bubbles too if I add too much or try to go too fast. I tried to go slow on this one since it wasn’t just a craft project, 🙂

  22. I love it Sonya!! You did such a fab job with the mod Podge. I always get bubbles. I will have to try your trick next time and work in small areas. I think I always use too much too… Thinking more is better. Guess it is not in this case! Your lamp looks perfect, quite the transformation.

  23. Thanks Nancy! I kept a few things gold because I always loved it…now I’m back in style 🙂 Thanks for pinning!

  24. oh my, now that is a makeover! Much better. And you are making me want to use gold again. (I got rid of everything gold!lol)

    Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d]! Pinning!


  25. Never in a million years would I have thought to do that make over. It looks fantastic!!

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