One Space Three Ways {a redesign challenge}

One Space Three Ways

I love Redesign! 

It’s where you shop your own home to makeover a room while buying nothing or as little as possible.

It’s a fun challenge for me to do….

One Space Three Ways

For this challenge I chose my foyer. Not a big space but difficult to decorate.

Here is what it looked like when I started.

One Space Three Ways Start

Now I hope you are ready for lots of pictures …

Look One:

Look One Foyer Redesign

Changed out the lamp to one I had painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Arles.

Brought the newly gold painted coat rack from my daughters bedroom.

Painted the terracotta pot in about 5 minutes with gold and white acrylic paint I already had.

Took away a few pics and I was done with look one.

Look One Foyer Redesign

Look One Painted pot

Look one Redesign

Look Two:One Room Three Ways Nautical

This is my nautical look.

The brass door knocker was a great find at a marine store last week while on vacation. It was on sale for $13.20!

The shutter I’ve had…it was originally on my in laws house.

I had the circle wreath and burlap ribbon…I just wrapped the ribbon around…easy!

The brown pottery was a recent yard sale $1 find.

All of the shells we have collected from vacations.

The red box was another yard sale find for $2.  I just painted and distressed it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The lamp came from another room.  It too is painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Paris Grey over an red/orange spray paint.

The frame I had and the letter B was from a craft my daughter did!

One Room Three Ways Wreath

Redesign Nautical Look

Redesign Look Two

Look Three:

One Space Three Ways Bench

This was a welcome and fun change…I think it’s my favorite!

The bench is special.  It was my husband’s grandmother’s and we got it when she passes away.  I may paint it someday.

The side table came from the bathroom.

The pillow from a chair in my family room, it is a fab $12.99 find from Home Goods.

Books from local thrift store for .25 cents!!

Redesign Look Three

Redesign Foyer

Redesign Look Three Bench

There you have it…

One Space Three Ways!

I told you which was my favorite, now I need to know which do you like best?

***Here’s a hint to which way is it staying…Hubby liked the Nautical 🙂

One Space Three Ways-Foyer Redesign

***Feel free to stop in and take a Home Tour


  1. I was shocked at how many seem to love the bench in the entryway…especially since we have the very same passed-down bench hidden away in our storage room….maybe I should dust that gem off and use it!

  2. All three are beautiful! I like the 3rd one best. Something about the bench is so cozy and inviting.

    What’s the paint color on the walls? It’s lovely. Reminds me of Revere Pewter…

  3. I love the idea of look #1 for a boys room! I’m not crazy about the Nautical look, but…I love your choice of the Foyer!

  4. Nice to find someone else with my name! I really like #3. I warm, cozy & inviting. Easy to use for last minute touch-up before heading out the door; or to put on/take off shoes.

  5. They are all darling!!!!! Wish I had your talent!!!!!! This is probably really weird but in the third picture you have a really cute basket by the bench….. I saw that in another blog as well….. Can you tell me where you found it? :))) thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  6. #3 is my favorite.
    #2 is my second favorite, but I have a couple of suggestions…. I’d hang the brass anchor ribbon on top of the wreath ribbon and have the anchor dangling just inside the wreath. And I’d move the top piece of drift wood. Right now its making me think of an alligator getting ready to bite something…. LOL. Maybe hang it under the B frame.
    #1 I love much better than the original because you can see some of the chest top. Plus I love a coat rack in an entry.

  7. DON’T paint the bench!!! Fabulous the way it is! DON’T DO IT. STEP AWAY FROM THE PAINT.
    I like three.

  8. I’m so happy you shared that story Kathy, I didn’t know all of that! Ray and I love the bench. Hope you and Dennis are having a great time on your trip. Love you! ~Sonya

  9. Sonya I am so overwhelmingly surprised to see my mothers deacon bench on your site.I was with my dad when he bought it for her as a Christmas present in 1968 his last Christmas before passing.The shutter brings back memories from our house when first built in 1970.Thanks for keeping the old alive and some great memories for me. Love you. Kathy {mother in law}

  10. I really loved the third one, but the nautical one would be second best! Good job!

  11. I kept saying “I love that way!” as I scrolled down. You have such an amazing talent for styling! 🙂

  12. I love all three, but the first one had me at the yellow lamp. It looks gorgeous with the canvas!

  13. Ok PPS – You totally redesigned your blog and changed your photo… am I right?? I didn’t even recognize it at first:) Looks fabulous by the way… so clean and easy to follow.

  14. PS Sonya… I tried to add you to my twitter by following your link and it isn’t working/set up properly right now – just so you know and can check it out:)

  15. I think the nautical was my favourite too… though that bench is really pretty and probably quite functional as well. I loved this challenge!! I did my entry hall too… so much fun!! Found you through the link up- can’t wait to explore your blog some more:)

  16. I like the 2nd and 3rd as well. The 3rd is such a drastic change and do love it.
    However, I think the 2nd works for a nice Summer feel.

  17. Love the nautical look!!! But as you know I Love the beach! I would leave it that way at my house for the summer and then fall and winter go for the cozy, warm, bench look. Looks like you could come in with your winter coat and boots and cozy up in a warm home. Great job!

  18. Thanks for your sweet words! It was super fun. I use to get paid to redesign but haven’t really pushed myself in a while…I’m so glad I did, I remember how much I love it. Going to check yours out~ Sonya

  19. I didn’t even mention the white dresser…My sister actually painted it and refinished the top. She didn’t like it in her house so she gave it to me. It was a yard sale find for $15. 🙂 Thanks!

  20. I loved the Nautical look too! Of course, being married to a long time sailor and now having a sailor son colors my opinion a bit! But the bench is a great idea, and very useful!

  21. I have to agree with your husband for a summer look and then in the fall the last one maybe!

  22. Number two is my favorite. I’m in love with your white cabinet! It’s gorgeous!

  23. I like them all … but of the three I’m with your hubby … Nautical is my fav.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Hugs …

  24. Thanks Laura…I decided the Nautical would be great for the Summer! Thank you for stopping by, heading over to your blog now!

  25. It’s a toss up between the second and third look. I’m leaning towards the third. I love the bench and placement of all the other items. It looks cozy and inviting.

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