Thrift Store Art Makeover

See this thrift store art makeover using craft supplies. There are always certain things I scan for when I go thrifting. Lamps, frames and art are the top three accessories I try to score.

This particular day I was with my sister because well, it’s always more fun that way. I hit the small art jackpot in one store.  Things I look for are sturdy wood pieces and great shapes.  As you can see from the loot, these pieces of art were more than dated.

Thrift Store Art Makeover-Before
Thrift Store Art Scene Before

I have started to work on a gallery wall around my HUGE TV so I needed smaller pieces of art to fill in the spaces between the big stuff. The first piece that caught my eye was this green, gold and black frame.  It was so cute, I loved it.  I honestly, for a moment, thought of keeping it as is.  BUT then, I wouldn’t have a post for you today.

Thrift Store Art Makeover Supplies

I hope you are ready for the easiest thrift store art makeover EVER…

All you need is the art, a piece of scrapbook paper and a monogram.  The ‘B’ I used here is one of the unfinished pieces from the craft store. You can paint it but I liked it the way it came for this particular project. After I cut my paper to size I took it outside, sprayed the back of it with the adhesive, then pressed onto the front of the art.  It was a card board surface so it was perfect.  Next I did the same with the monogram B.

Thrift Store Makeover Art Piece

Although the frame was slightly distressed it had an obvious scratch over the gold. I covered that right up with a gold Sharpie.

Thrift Store Art Sharpie Touch Up

It looks perfect with the rest of the items in the ALMOST finished gallery wall.  On Friday I will be showing off the entire gallery wall in my Spring Home Tour.

Thrift Store Art Makeover to a Monogram

Notice the custom art with the #4 in it? I made that from the Home Sweet Home art also in the photo of my loot above. I popped it apart, covered the card board mat with burlap, used a wooded 4 from the $1 section at Michael’s. No glass needed.

Thrift Store Art for Gallery Wall
Spring Home Decor and Greenery
Thrift Store Decor-Gallery Wall Art


If this thrift store art makeover inspired you, then you will love these as well!

Now, go see what my friends have up their sleeve today!

Thrift Store Decor Team

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  1. You aren’t going to like my answer…I bought a set of 4 for $4 at a yard sale. They are super hard to find for sure! Especially for basically free!!

  2. I have a question that may sounds weird:
    WHERE did you find the picture to the right of the new frame you did and right under the key?!?!?!?! (By the way, I love what you did with that frame;-)
    I have been looking for pictures like that forever and can’t seen to find any that aren’t WAY out of my price range.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. You know, as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I can still remember the day when I would have CHOSEN all of those pieces AS IS for my house. 😉 Yes, I’m that old. 😉 LOVE your updates.

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