Spring Home Decor

This quote best sums up Springtime in South Carolina…“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ~ Charles Dickens

I have to admit, I love summer and much prefer being hot over being cold but there is something about Spring when you can bundle in a sweater yet sit out and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. It’s glorious! Although we have had many rainy days here as of late, the day I was able to take photos of my Spring Home Decor for this post the sun was was shining perfectly.

Spring Home Decor and Blogger Tour

Thanks to my blogging friend Jen from Migonis Home for inviting me to join the Spring Home Tour! Today is the last day of the tour and there have been SO much gorgeous inspiration ALL week!

For me, I don’t do much “themed” decor but I do lots of refreshing rooms.  I pretty much do that all of the time but mostly as the seasons change.  There is something about fluffed pillows and rearranging furniture that makes me a happy camper. My sister and I give each other stuff all the time.  We recently did a lamp swap and I ended up with the beauties.  Funny how much better they looked in my house and vice versa.

Spring Home Decor- Foyer Lamps

I borrowed these golden yellow pillows from my daughters room.  We picked them up last month on a trip to Ikea.  I love them in my living room so I am pretty sure I am going to get a set for here as well.

Spring Home Blogger Tour

Spring Home Living Room Decor

I wrote about my recent addition of a new rug that caused me to paint my coffee table Scandinavian Pink.  To be honest, I have been very unsure of that choice but the addition of those pillows make me like it.  I’ll let you know if I ever fall in love with it.

New Rug for the Family Room

Last week I showed you my Vintage Twist Spring Mantel Decor…(lots more pics on that post) but after I finished my gallery wall around the TV the mantel seemed busy. I changed it a bit to something simpler. More like my fall monochromatic mantel.

Vintage Twist Spring Mantel

Spring Home Decor and a Simple Mantel

Then I added a coverlet over my busy patterned chair, it could use new fabric, it was also competing with the gallery wall.

Spring Home Spruce Up

The most fun and exciting part of my Spring Home Decor was finally getting my TV gallery wall done!  The galvanized B I bought from Kirkland’s was my starting point! I think I will need to do a full post on this wall, it is worth it.  To start you can see how I transformed some thrift store art for the wall.

Spring Home Tour TV Gallery Wall

Spring Home Decor and Greenery
Spring Home Tour and Eclectic Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall Art and Spring Home Decor

The family room view into the kitchen is a nice one, especially with light that comes from the window.

Spring Home Tour Kitchen view

I am loving this mason jar runner I also picked up from Kirkland’s.  I’m a multipurpose decorator, oh…a new term, and this can be used so many different ways. It can bend in order for you to change the shape to fit your needs.

Spring Home Decor- Kitchen Table and SC Art

Spring Home Decor using silk flowers

Spring Home Decor with Kirkland's  Mason Jar Rack


  1. Loved your article!! Thanks for sharing such informative content with us.

  2. I admit, when I am looking through all of those photos of rooms filled with white, I am drawn in BUT I love color and just can’t live without it. Thanks so much for your kind words. ~Sonya

  3. I love your living room and the fact that your furniture is not all white. While some of the other 24 bloggers certainly had lovely rooms I cannot imagine the damage two dogs and one 13 year old would do to that sea of white.

  4. Super adore the new goodies… but that mantel! Girl, it steals the SHOW!
    Happy, happy Spring ~ So fun home-touring with ya 😉

  5. Loved this tour, Sonya! I’m with you in that I don’t really decorate with the seasons either (besides Christmas). I like decor that works year-round and just freshen up the rooms as the mood strikes me. LOVE your mantel! And I’m excited to see more of that gallery wall.

  6. Wow – I love all of your Spring decor Sonya!! Your TV gallery wall is amazing! I need to do that on my TV wall! Thanks for the inspiration and Happy Spring! ~ Heather

  7. You are always the sweetest with your comments! I have invited lots of family to church and lunch on Sunday for Easter! I hope you have a great Easter as well. ~Sonya

  8. Beautiful, warm and welcoming, your home is so lovely, would you care to trade? lol. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like in your photos, great photos by the way. Do you ever notice how if you spruce up one thing you tend to keep going with at least few other little tidbits? Can’t just stop at one. Enjoy your lovely home. Hope your Easter is perfect for you and your family.

  9. I have looked at a lot of the spring blogs. Most have a white on white theme. Your spring tour was refreshing with color!

  10. I love all the new things you’ve done,and that coffee table really adds some color to your room. I love that beautiful painting on your wall that pull in all those colors. I really like it Sonya you did a wonderful job.

  11. Ah your mantel is my favorite! I’ve always loved that planked wood backdrop with the gold mirror. Lovely tour!

  12. Thanks SO much Jen for including me on the tour…lots of fantastic inspiration to be seen. Happy Friday! ~Sonya

  13. I take that as a huge compliment Jenna coming from the Queen of color! Great tour week with all you lovely ladies! Happy Weekend ~Sonya

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