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Get ready to be inspired to create your own beautiful lamp. This post is sponsored by DecoArt. The project and opinions are 100% mine and always 100% true. 

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Drawing inspiration from Jana Bek and Bunny Williams brushstroke lamps I knew this would be a fun project to take on myself. These ladies have created such stunning lamps and if it were in my budget I would love an original but it’s really out of the question for this girl. Plus, I love finding yard sale pieces and giving them a whole new life.

Project Supplies:

Americana Decor MAXX GLOSS paint

Purdy 1 inch Angular Brush

No matter what I paint I consider it an art form. It’s something I think everyone who desires should definitely give it a try. You have seen many painted pieces I’ve completed in the past using Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint but this is my first time using the MAXX GlOSS™. AMERICANA DECOR® MAXX GLOSS™ provides a revolutionary, superior, high-gloss sheen that delivers an almost lacquer-like finish. Until now, this level of gloss finish has only been available in aerosol spray paints. Aersols cause over-spray and must be used in a well-ventilated area for safety. MAXX GLOSS™ now offers DIYers the ability to add a high-gloss finish with a water-based, non-toxic, brush-on formula. Perfect paint for my DIY brushstroke lamp.

American DECOR MAXX GLOSS paint -

As you can see in the photo of the paints I had color options. The lamp came from a yard sale with lots of scuffs and marks. I had planned on painting the entire surface with the color white china. After cleaning the lamp it didn’t need a base color, all of the marks came off. I sampled a spot of the white china and it was the exact color of the lamp. I’m telling you this because more than likely you will find a lamp that will need a base color and the white china is a great option.

I debated between going bold with juicy melon or low key with cappuccino. I decided the lamp was going in my daughters room so I let her choose. DUH, she said bold. The MAXX GLOSS™ comes in twenty colors that you can see HERE. You can purchase this paint from Michaels (in-store & online), Home Depot (select stores & online), Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts Stores (in-store & online), and Meijer.

MAXX GLOSS Juicy Melon Paint Color

I think looking at my completed lamp it’s obvious what I did to get the look. I thought it might be helpful to you to share tips that I learned while working on my lamp. 

  • Make slow steady brushstrokes when making your art. I practiced on a piece of paper just to get the feel of it. I tried going fast at first so I would get the brush drag but not enough paint was going on the lamp. I went slow and steady, then lifted the brush new the end of a line to get the stroke look. 
  • I had some small bubbles form as I was dragging. I corrected this by going back over those spots once more and they were gone. 
  • As the paint starts to dry it will become tacky. DO NOT drag your paint brush across the tacky paint, it will mess with your smooth level finish. 
  • Make sure your brush doesn’t have too much paint on it. You do not want ruins.
  • If you make a mark you don’t like wipe away immediately with a wet napkin and start fresh.

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DIY Brushstroke Lamp - MAXX GLOSS Paint and Thrift Store Lamp -

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DIY Brushstroke Lamp from

I LOVE how this one turned out! By the way, this lamp was $8!! Now go and paint something!

Another AWESOME thrifted lamp makeover HERE!

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  1. Good morning! I recently shared your makeover in a round-up of lamp revamps and tutorials. I never knew you could paint lamps like this! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Looks great. I love the color. It’s really a good idea to decorate the lamp. It’s so prominent in your room.

  3. I found two smaller versions of your lamp at a jumble sale and NOW I know how to finish them off. I’d experimented with stencils (too curvy) wrapping with rope (cats, so not a good idea) and other stuff. That paint looks fun to use – great colors.

  4. Looks great didn’t know they even had this kind of paint, you are talented and thanks.

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