How to age terra cotta pots using paint

Looking to give your terra cotta pots an aged finish without having to wait for it to naturally happen? Follow along on this tutorial and video to see how to age terra cotta pots using paint.

DIY aging terra cotta pots

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One way to start decorating for any season is to add a beautiful terra cotta pot to your styling. Stacking them with or without plants. Depending on the styling, either looks great.

Today I’m showing you how to age terra cotta pots using paint. This will give you the look and feel of a time worn pot without having to wait for it to happen organically.

I hope you like this as much as you all liked the painted pots. That post has been super popular on Pinterest. It seems many of my followers really like projects that have to do with paint and are semi easy to accomplish. Am I right?

This time I created a quick 4 minute video (see below) to show you just want I did. If you would like to watch me painting them live on Facebook (errors and all) you can click here. Scroll through the post first though so you can see how my pots turned out. I already have one sitting in my bathroom and it looks so good.

Supplies needed to age a terra cotta pot:

  • terra cotta pot (Walmart garden center)
  • cloth (cut white t-shirt)
  • paint (non toxic option)
  • brush (I keep these on hand)
  • water
Acrylic paint DIY age terra cotta pot
Small terra cotta pots for paint project

Stacking the pots in a cluster is a beautiful way to display them if you aren’t adding plants to them all. This concept is timeless and gives an English feel. Add herbs on put on the  window ledge in the kitchen. The fragrant plants would be such a nice touch.

Aging Terra cotta pots
Terra cotta pot DIY

Other ways to use your aged terra cotta pots

  • Craft supplies
  • Candies for parties
  • Utensils for open shelf styling
  • Add seeds or a plant and give a neighbor
Aging terra cotta pots with paint

If you are more like me, you can add real looking faux plants too. The one in this photo is from Ikea.

If you want the look but aren’t wanting to DIY the terra cotta pots yourself, I found a few great options. Click on an of these photos to check them out.


  1. Bookmarked! Those look great, I’ve look at several (more than…) methods but I’m pretty handy with a paintbrush and think this is it! Thanks for showing all the examples you’ve done, they look just awesome and I already have all that is needed. Best wishes!

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