Splurge vs Save: Leaner Floor Mirror Shopping Guide

Looking for the perfect home accessory item to make a big statement? Then choose a leaner floor mirror to do just that. Read on the see how to use the mirror as well as a shopping guide to get you started.

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Splurge vs Save Home Decor Series

**Be sure to see all of the splurge vs save items in this series after the shopping guide at the bottom of the post.

One thing my readers and followers love are finding good deals. My kind of people!

Finding home decor at a great price has never been easier or harder. Let me explain. It can seem much easier because we have every store at our fingertips with the touch of our keyboard. Harder because we have EVERY store at our fingertips with the touch of a keyboard. This is why many people get stuck in decorating their own home.

As part of my job here on the blog I am searching stores online a lot. That is why I decided to create this splurge vs save home decor shopping guide series. In an effort to help you see options for your budget but also help you find inspiration.

Splurge vs save floor mirror shopping guide

Splurge vs Save: Leaner Floor Mirror

I love using mirrors in our home to do more than just check how I look before leaving home. I do however hang them or prop them in areas where you like the reflection from the mirror.

But besides looking at your beautiful face mirrors are useful for much more.

  • Mirrors reflect light from windows and help lighten up a dark room.
  • They make rooms feel larger by expanding the visual space.
  • Big mirror make a great conversation piece.

Whether you call them leaner floor mirror, full length mirror, floor mirror, or just leaner mirror, you will be glad you added one to your decor.

For this leaner mirror splurge vs save shopping guide I am using the $1000 price point. When you are looking through the guide below click on the photo to get all of the details. Be sure to check the dimensions in the description area because sizes vary. It is very hard to compare exact sizes.

Splurge: Leaner Mirror options

Save: Leaner Mirror options

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