Splurge vs Save: Area Rug Shopping Guide

The number one item that will complete a room is an area rug. I’ve created this Splurge vs Save: Area Rug Shopping Guide for you to find the perfect rug for any room in your home.

Splurge vs Save Area Rug Shopping Guide

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Splurge vs Save Home Decor Series

**Be sure to see all of the splurge vs save items in this series after the shopping guide at the bottom of the post.

One thing my readers and followers love are finding good deals. My kind of people!

Finding home decor at a great price has never been easier or harder. Let me explain. It can seem much easier because we have every store at our fingertips with the touch of our keyboard. Harder because we have EVERY store at our fingertips with the touch of a keyboard. This is why many people get stuck in decorating their own home.

As part of my job here on the blog I am searching stores online a lot. That is why I decided to create this splurge vs save home decor shopping guide series. In an effort to help you see options for your budget but also help you find inspiration.

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Splurge vs Save: Area Rug Shopping Guide

The price of area rugs can vary from one extreme to the next. For this splurge vs save I am using the $500 price point for an 8×10. This will give you a good reference point. In all honesty both are really great price points.

I have included mostly rugs that I believe to be a good neutral base for most home decorating styles. There are a few exceptions that I just had to share because I thought they were amazing.

Most people, myself included, may be afraid to go with a lighter base color on the rug. I have found that my lighter rug actually looks cleaner most of the time than my darker one ever did. Sort of like the time I shared the ugly truth about my black kitchen cabinets.

Splurge Area Rug over $500 for 8×10

Save Area Rug under $500 for 8×10

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