Splurge vs Save: TV Console Cabinet Shopping Guide

Have you been waiting to hang your flatscreen TV because you don’t know what type of furniture to put underneath? I’ve created this Splurge vs Save: TV Console Cabinet Shopping Guide just for you to find the perfect console table for your home.

TV Console Cabinet Shopping Guide

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Splurge vs Save Home Decor Series

**Be sure to see all of the splurge vs save items in this series after the shopping guide at the bottom of the post.

One thing my readers and followers love are finding good deals. My kind of people!

Finding home decor at a great price has never been easier or harder. Let me explain. It can seem much easier because we have every store at our fingertips with the touch of our keyboard. Harder because we have EVERY store at our fingertips with the touch of a keyboard. This is why many people get stuck in decorating their own home.

As part of my job here on the blog I am searching stores online a lot. That is why I decided to create this splurge vs save home decor shopping guide series. In an effort to help you see options for your budget but also help you find inspiration.

A few years ago I was on the hunt for a TV console cabinet that wasn’t bulky like the tall entertainment cabinets from the 90’s. Been there, done that. I ended up finding a dresser from an estate sale that was perfect. We finally hung our TV on the wall during our living room makeover. Much more aesthetically pleasing and makes the room look more thought through.

Like I mentioned, our TV console is an estate sale find that I purchased after searching long and hard. Our cabinet needed to be long to look proportionate to our big television. It was the dresser to a bedroom set that the owner generously sold to us separately. I paid $100, which was a good deal. Then I spent time painting it and repainting it to the black color it is now.

Splurge vs Save: TV Console Cabinet

I absolutely love the idea of repurposing furniture but many times it is hard to find exactly what you need. Sometimes waiting months or a year is not really an option. Then, some of you just like to buy and not have an extra project to do.

That is why I created this TV console shopping guide. You should know, I’m dying over some of these wood pieces. They are beautiful.

I have broken this shopping guide into two categories. TV cabinets over $1000 and under $1000.

When purchasing furniture it is always a good idea to buy the best quality you can afford. Especially larger pieces including sofas. Be sure to check reviews and what people have to say about the pieces. Often times in the review section photos are uploaded.

Decor TIP: Whatever your budget, use the higher end pieces as a guide on design. More time is spent creating those pieces based on the trends. Look for furniture that looks updated yet timeless. If you are going to splurge on a quality piece of furniture you want to make sure it looks good for many years to come.

Splurge TV Console options over $1000

SAVE: TV Console options under $1000

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