Quick Tip Friday Refresh dated pieces with Spray Paint

Quick Tip Friday Refresh dated pieces with Spray Paint

Quick Tip Friday Refresh dated pieces with Spray Paint:

This DIY home décor project will be a great way to add a nice touch to any room.

It’s always fun and trendy to bring a little nature into our home décor. Especially when we are just looking to refresh a room without spending lots of money. There are traditional ways to do this such as with flowers but today I have a project for you that brings nature into your home in a trendy way.

Ceramic animals…you can find them in just about any thrift store on any given day. This owl is a local thrift shop find for a couple of dollars. As Spring approaches…really SOON I hope…be on the look out for these little treasure at yard sales.

Nature Inspired Decor-Ceramic Owl

The only other supplies you will need for this project are spray primer and white spray paint. I like to use the Zinsser Primer-Sealer Stain Blocker because you don’t want any underneath color to bleed through on to your white spray paint. You can see in the before picture just how dark the owl was to start out.  This particular DIY is best with crisp white paint and adding the primer first is a great way to ensure you get the look you are after.

Quick Tip Friday Spray painting ceramic items

Spray paint tips:

  • Work in a well-ventilated area, out doors is best.
  • Make sure you have room for over spray.
  • Clean item from any dust, dirt or grim.
  • Apply light coatings in a sweeping manner and cover enter surface at one time.
  • Allow the item to completely dry between coats according to your paint instructions.

Nature Inspired Home decor

After the primer is dry you can then spray paint a coat of white. Do a second coat if needed. I needed two coats of spray paint for my owl. I went with a gloss finish so two coats allowed me to cover the dull primer finish well. Also, some of the crevices were harder to cover with one coat.

Look at that owl now! SO fresh!

Quick Tip Friday Refresh dated pieces with Spray Paint

Check out these little bunnies I also painted and used as a Spring Table Centerpiece.

Refresh home decor with Spray painted

Let me know if you find any cute little ceramics to paint!! Happy Friday!

If you are like me and ready to be done with all of this cold, click over and check out some Spring Inspiration.

Spring Fever Decorating

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  1. I was wondering about this the other day,i saw some cute bunnies, didn’t like the color.Thank you.

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