Quick Tip Friday Wood Finishing Cloths

I totally had planned to have my master bedroom makeover completed by today but it didn’t happen.  I am getting very close and I promise to show it to you as soon as I am finished.  I changed my mind on a few things, imagine that!!

I’ve decided to start a new series here on the blog and call it Quick Tip Friday.  I’m planning to include all kinds of tips, nothing will be off limits…ok, make up tips won’t be happening but anything home related is fair game.  Today I’ll start Quick Tip Friday with Wood Finishing Cloths.

Have you heard of Wood Finishing Cloths?  They are from Minwax.  They are thicker than a wet wipe so they don’t tear when you use them.  They are messy because the stain is on the cloth so wear gloves.

Wood Finishing Cloths in Chestnut

Minwax Wood Finishing Cloth- Quick Tip Friday


They are perfect for simple touch ups to those thrift store frames.  I tend to paint lots of frames but have been really loving unpainted wood lately too.

Just pull out one of the wood finishing cloths and wipe.  It really is that easy.  It’s also dries really fast.

Here is the frame I picked up at the thrift store. Before on the left and after on the right.

Before and After using Wood Finishing Cloth

Another way I used it was to distress a piece I had painted black. This was one of those moments where I thought, let me give this a try and see what happens.  It really worked great.  Many times I distress by removing the paint so that the natural wood will show through but on this one project I had for a friend that wasn’t possible.  The shelf had already been primed before I had it in hand.  Then they wanted it painted black.  I used my DecoArt Chalky Finish paint.  After it dried I took the wipe and rubbed it all over the piece. Then took a damp paper towel and removed all of the excess.

Wood Finishing Cloths for Distressing furniture

There you have it…The first Quick Tip Friday Wood Finishing Cloths! Give them a try.

Quick Tip Friday using Wood Finishing Cloths from At Home with The Barkers

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  1. No need to sand if the color stain is the same. Only sand if there are loose flakes, you do need a smooth finish.

  2. Great job! The color match of the frame and stain is perfect! Did you sand your frame first, or did you just wipe the stain right on? Are you supposed to sand right down to the bare wood, or is just a light sanding required? I’d like to do my kitchen chairs with these cloths, but just wondering how much sanding is needed. Thanks for your help!

  3. Did not know about these. Do you think they would work for touch up s on a scuffed piece of furniture?

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. These really are handy,can’t to try them myself. Thank you.

  5. I have a silver decorative bowl that’s way to shiny for my liking. I think these cloths might work. I can remove the shine and add patina. I can kill to birds with one stone by using these cloths. Have a GREAT week!

  6. Didn’t know they made these cloths. Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing.

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