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Weight loss…not my usual topic here on the blog! I decided that I have to put it out here because I am sure there are others who can relate and just may need to join me.  Plus, I need accountability!

I have found myself at the age of 44 somewhere I never thought or wanted to be, except after giving birth of course.  I am 15 pounds over my desired weight and I am sure will keep going if I don’t act.  To some that may not seem like much but for me IT IS! I am uncomfortable in my clothes and irritated that I have waited this long before deciding to do something about it.

The past 2 years is when the extra weight started adding on. I am sure it is a culmination of many things including sitting more at the computer after I started this blog, early menopause symptoms (blah), decreasing metabolism and COOKIES (yum!!)

I don’t expect it to be easy but I am aiming for my goal weight before it is shorts weather.  To give myself a jump start I am doing the Advocare 24 Day challenge. I have used many of these products since 2004 so I know they work.  I have just never completed a challenge.  My husband will be doing it with me as well but I would love to offer it to you to.  We can chat and cheer each other on.

You can click over to my Advocare page, then click Trim Challenge to read all about it.  Everything we need is on this website even a Virtual Coach!! If you are ready to order choose shop at the top. Then you will see the Trim Challenge Bundle at the bottom of the page.

If you have ANY questions just message me.  I’m excited to get started.

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