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Quick Tip Friday Restore Furniture Hardware

Hey friends, it’s friend! Yay! Time for Quick Tip Friday: Restore Furniture Hardware

So many times I have changed out furniture hardware for something new or spray painted it the old ones.  I was working on a piece of furniture for a client and she had said she was planning to buy new hardware.  I decided that I didn’t have anything to loose by trying to clean the existing worn and dull hardware that the cabinet came with.

I grabbed some super fine steel wood grade #0000 and white vinegar and got to cleaning. I was so thrilled with the outcome.

I didn’t clean it completely inside the grooves and key cut outs because I thought it still left some character.


Brass Hardware cleaning supplies to restore furniture hardware

Here is what the hardware looked like before.

Clean brass hardware with vinegar to bring back the shine

Restore Furniture Hardware the before and after photosRestore furniture hardware with steel wool and vinegar

Cleaning brass hardware with vinegar is super easy way to restore furniture hardware
I was able to take this dated 80’s cabinet and give a great new look.  I painted it with some of my homemade chalk paint.

This quick tip is just one option if you want to restore furniture hardware.  You can always spray paint the hardware for a different look like I did on my TV cabinet.

I am still debating about my plans for the thrift store dresser that I have added to the master bedroom makeover. It has such cool hardware.

You can see week one Quick Tip Friday HERE.

**Used this tip again on my Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover!

Thrift Store Mid Century Modern Drexel Dresser Hardware

So tell me, how do you handle hardware when you are doing a makeover on furniture? Leave it? Restore it? Paint it?

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. You can also boil vinegar and place your hardware in the vinegar. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Than place in warm soapy water and scrub with a scratcher pad. I did this last Saturday.

  2. I did not do anything other than clean with vinegar. I would try cleaning again. I don’t think they will be perfect but the cleaning alone saved me from having to purchase new hardware.

  3. Hello! Just wondering if you put a clear coat or anything on the hardware before putting it back on the furniture. I cleaned mine with the vinegar but a few have a blue color to them after a few days of drying. Should I reclean?

  4. Thank you,i didn’t know you could clean it with vinegar.

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