Women’s gift exchange idea

Find my best gift exchange ideas for all of the women at your gathering. This is a favorite women’s gift exchange game for our family.

Whether you’re hosting only the women in your family or everyone, this fun stocking gift exchange will be a hit.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Exchange Game

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Here’s how the women’s stocking stuffer gift exchange works.

Decide on an age for those who will be included. We only allowed adult women to do ours. My family is large so this kept it under control.

For many years we drew names and did our gift exchange that way. That got boring so we came up with this fun idea.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a price point. We had 12 women in our exchange so we kept it under $10.

If you get creative you can really spread that money a long way.

Stocking stuffer for women 2021
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While it is called a stocking stuffer exchange, you can bring whatever you like as your stocking. We had huge stockings, baskets, boxes, laundry baskets, you name it.

Some years we felt the friendly competition to find the best gift deals. Say, you scored a $30 item on a black Friday sale for $9.99! This was always a fun gift to give.

Then other years we did what could and bought our favorite chapstick for everyone.

Not matter the gift, it is lots of fun. Especially when you think of ways to make it special.

We always opened the stocking gift one at a time. So everyone would open the gift from me all at the same time.

Buying in bulk and splitting it is a great money saving tip! Lots of items listed like that in my Amazon Shop.

Look over all of the ideas below. I am linking many of these options in my Amazon shop if that works for you. Otherwise you can hit your local stores for many of these.

List of stocking stuffer gift exchange ideas for women

  1. Box of blessings
  2. Wooden coffee spoon
  3. Spurtles
  4. Baked goods in a cute container
  5. Favorite spice with recipe included
  6. Lip gloss, chap stick
  7. Ornaments
  8. Socks
  9. Home decor magazine
  10. DIY holiday decor (my SIL made the cutest wood snowmen for us)
  11. mug with hot chocolate fixings (love the idea of everyone having a mug from a set)
  12. travel jewelry box
  13. manicure set
  14. Bottle of wine and glass
  15. Face wash headband
  16. Individual wood serving tray/charcuterie board

We always had the best time doing this at our family party. We saved our exchange for last. After the food was cleared up, the kids and men had done their gifts, then it was our turn.

I’d love to hear your traditions. Leave me a comment.

Merry Christmas!

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