5 Tips to Choose Blog Topics People Actually Want to Read

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After writing this blog for over four years now you would think I would run out of things to say and projects to post. If only I could get everything out of my head and into a blog post as fast as I think of it, I would have enough blog post scheduled full of project ideas to last for many years to come.

One thing I find interesting is other people’s curiosity about blogging. I get questions about it often whether in real life or online. I try my best to share without oversharing so no one thinks I’ve went off the deep end. Blogging or owning/running a website that’s personal is such a great thing for me. Sure I get frustrated with lots of behind the scenes technical things but I love it 99% of the time. When you can’t sleep for ideas running through your head, that’s when you know you are in your passion zone.

The ideas that turn into real life projects are what I share on the blog with you week after week for over 4 years. How to choose blog topics isn’t just about throwing every single idea I have into a blog post. There are certain things that I believe are more useful than others and other times when my idea just doesn’t pan out. If you are just curious or are a blogger (new or in a rut) needing help deciding on those ideas here is how I work it out.

After 4 years of blogging I have figured out exactly how to choose blog topics my readers love. Sharing those 5 tips that will engage your blog readers too.


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How to Choose Blog Topics

Share what comes natural.

This has to be at the top of the list. If you try to write post that don’t come natural to you, the blog will never work. For instance, I love food and love to eat but I hate cooking. Writing recipes and taking food photography would not come natural to me. Although, food blogs are highly successful and Pinterest loves food shares, food blogging is not natural for me.

What is it you do that comes natural? Things you do or did before you were a blogger? Share those things and you will be off to a great start.

Showcase your talent.

This one works great when combined with the first tip. What are you good at naturally? Think of things you have done for years. Things you have taught real life friends to do.

Solve problems.

Most people go to Google and Pinterest to search for things they need help with. The majority of those phrases begin with how to. For example, how to glaze cabinets, how to cook tender chicken, or how to start a blog. You name it and people look for it. Think about what you search. Most often you are searching for the answer to a problem.

Write blog post that solve those problems. If you are a woodworker then you are more than likely good with tools. Teach others your tips to get straight lines. If your talent lies in budgeting, teach others how to budget for specific things like groceries or family vacation.

Learn something new.

Learning something new can help stretch your mind and creativity while also giving you more blog post topics. Try finding something in your blog niche and that you don’t know how to do. Try it and share it with your readers.

Your readers come to you because you know more on a particular topic than they do. You are the expert so you must always be willing to learn and grow in your craft.

Show your failures.

We all fail, even those of us who are seemingly experts on a topic. Make sure your readers know that you are not perfect. It will allow them to relate to you better and understand we all make mistakes. You know, like that time I totally used the wrong paint and had a BIG mess on my hands.

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How to Choose Blog Topics

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  1. Ok, so I have never done this so I can’t tell you for sure but looks like it’s a little different to move from .com to .org Here is an article that should really help you. ~Sonya

  2. Thank you so much!!! Now my question is how do I do a redirect? Would that eliminate the “WordPress” in the address? I will definitely look into Abby’s stuff!!! Thanks so much for your help!

  3. No computer classes needed! You need Abby’s ebook/course, Building a Framework! I just saw your message on IG…#1 You would need to move over from Wp dot com to WP dot org. You can have the blog redirected, you can’t just remove the wordpress, redirects would be necessary. #2 My blog design is the Market Theme from Restored 316 that I customized myself. Abby is working to greatly improve her Building a Framework course and it will be relaunching very, very soon. BE SURE to grab the free download in my post because those people will be the FIRST to know about the launch!

  4. Thanks Sonya, I definitely need to check out both of these resources, yours and Abby’s. It’d be great to learn how to draw more traffic and maybe make some extra money with blogging somehow… I love your tips in this post too, and totally agree! Thanks for sharing what’s worked for you and helped you to be successful!

  5. I still feel like a newbie when it comes to blogging!! Although I have been doing it for about 2 years for fun, I just LOVE it! This is my goal this year… To boost my traffic but I feel like I need to take computer classes before I can even understand how to make money with a blog:-)

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