Blogging Decorating and Money

This post contains affiliate links. Those links do not cost you any extra money, they are there for me to share things with you I love.

I have something that has been weighing on me A LOT lately and after reading recent comments on another blog I thought I would address it here. It’s a little personal I guess and may not interest some of you but I hope you read it anyway.

It’s about blogging, decorating and money.

So many people have a misconception that bloggers do this all for fun and have an endless amount of money to craft and decorate whenever they choose. Changing things up on every whim is just what we do. Ok, sometimes that is what I do but those type changes are always free or very affordable.

BUT for bigger projects and home decorating it’s simply not true, NOT true for me for sure!

I have a GOD given talent to make things pretty.  I’m creative and a do it myself type person. It has taken me my entire adult life to realize this is truly a gift. It’s not frivolous or petty and I am honoring GOD by using it wisely.  I have been creating many years before blogging, some times I was paid, many times I was not but I did it any way.

I still do.

Blogging, Decorating and Money-Maya Angelou quote

My Passion.

I believe when we have a passion for something we do it anyway, money or not!

The world tries to make us feel like earning money for such talent is some how wrong. Many people think this blogging thing is like a well orchestrated diary that should be shared without any advertisements or sponsored post.  For some it may be, for me, it’s a job, that I happen to love!!

I am still a stay at home mom with 1 child in high school and the other in college. College tuition is no joking matter, I can see our checking account going down faster than up.  So, I do what I do here on the blog because I have a gift that I choose to share with all of you.

I can also use it to contribute financially to help my family. The ads on this site pay me money just by having you scroll past them. If you find something there that catches your eye, great. If not, you can scroll right past it and I still get paid.

I can teach and inspire you to make your home beautiful from the inside out.

I can share my passion with you all and get paid while doing it.

I can offer you product reviews and advice because companies know word of mouth is the best advertising. LIKE really, the best! I much prefer to get recommendations from my friends than a TV commercial. I count us as friends!

What you need to also know…this blogging gig isn’t easy! It takes hours, most times days to create, photograph, edit, write, share just one post.  All that while making sure the technical side of the blog is functioning well.  I am thankful for a husband who helps me with much of the back end side if I need it because the computer work is NOT my gift.  He doesn’t paint but he can install code into my blog. Along with a helpful husband, I am super thankful for bloggers friends who help me when I have an issue. Usually people I have never meet in real life.

I’m not getting rich here but I’m earning something.  I may not do this forever but for now I am.

From this point forward I will not feel bad about it!

I will thank GOD for blessing me with the abilities and the opportunities to do what I have loved my whole life.

I will not feel bad because some readers and some other bloggers as well, want me to do it for free.

Here’s what I am asking of you the next time you read my blog, my friends blog or any other blog, before you judge, remember there is a real person behind that computer screen who has worked hard to offer you great advice, inspiration and tutorials for FREE.  In my case, a woman who found it possible to live her dream job. Be VERY grateful there are ways for me to earn money with the blog so you can continue to be inspired for free!

Think before you type something rude and out of line. Be kind and build others up.

AND hey, if you don’t like that particular bloggers projects and home decorating style move on and find one you do.  There are plenty of options.

You can continue to expect me to show you what is going on At Home with The Barkers …the constant desire to organize, paint, decorate and craft! You can expect honesty and a little humor.

I am blessed by so many wonderful readers who week after week leave me uplifting comments and I APPRECIATE you so much! YOU are the reason this blog exists!

Keep it up, it does my heart good!


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  1. This post was so timely for me ! Thank you so much for this Sonya.

  2. Nice comments and keeping it real!
    I for one can see all the hard work that is put into a blog. So thank you for sharing your talent. God bless : )

  3. I just discovered your blog and I have been greatly blessed by this article. I love decorating too although I don’t do it for a living. I love beautiful things. I don’t have your skill for creating beautiful stuff with my hands. As a working woman, I don’t have time for home projects and most of my home decor is finds from my travel to different parts of the world. Some Christians who have visited my home have commented that decorating is frivolous and waste of money, which can be spent on the poor and that it is also intimidating to women who have no means to decorate. I do feel guilty about it at times but i cannot find any support in the Bible which condemns decorating our homes. I simply cannot imagine keeping a simple home because there are people out there who cannot have a nice home. I don’t decorate to impress others anyway. Would you say that decorating my home, especially when that is not my livelihood grieves God and that it may be a stumbling block to fellow believers. Would appreciate your views.

  4. Such a great post Sonya! So many of my friends just don’t get why I can’t go do something because “I have a deadline” I tell them all the time, it’s not just a thing I type up… it’s a job, that has responsibilities! It’s not my fault my job rocks 😉 However this job is a delicate balancing act.

  5. Criticized when you are working so hard and giving so much of yourself, I’ll never understand it! You keep on keeping on Sonya!
    Blessings sweet friend,

  6. Thank you! I love every word and completely understand. May you and your family be blessed beyond measure.

  7. Such a well written post Sonya, on a topic we all sadly have to address from time to time.
    I think it is so sad that people get behind their computer screens and feel it is okay to write such negative things to the person on the other end, yet they’d never dream of walking into an actual shop and being so forthright with the shop assistant doing their job.
    I hope you can move past these unkind people and enjoy the pleasant readers who enjoy and appreciate what you do.

  8. Very well said.

    I’m nearing my first blog anniversary and never expected it to be so much work. Starting as a blogger just to put some ideas out there ended up being a big commitment. So, why not get compensated for the hard work and long hours? I have ads, and they have been in place shortly after starting the blog. I have yet to make any money. I’ve received $0.

    I think with your honesty, and others too, adding this information will enlighten readers and other blog niches. I really appreciate your time and input on this topic (and of course I love your blog work too).
    Thank you for putting yourself out there. You defended all of us.

    ~ Robin

  9. Very well said! I don’t make any money on my blog yet so everything that goes into my blog is from our family finances. That can sometimes be an issue. I look forward to the day when I can generate just enough money from my blog to cover the expenses of creating and maintaining the blog and content.

  10. A- to the -Men! Blogging and creativity is a passion of mine. It is also my job right now. Many people {friends and family} do not see this as work but only a bit of fun I am having.

    Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart!
    ~ Ashley

  11. Keep creating what you love and sharing with all of us! Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt thoughts that many of us in the blogging world are feeling from time to time. Your talents are a true gift..thank you!

  12. Amen!! Blogging takes a lot of time and a whole dang lot of work. Let me just say this about not only readers and other bloggers who think we should do it for free but brands who think we should advertise for free too or “exposure”. Don’t get me started on that.

  13. So very well said! I love creating DIY projects, crafting, etc. I have worked so hard to build my blog and even though there are moments where I am beyond exhausted, and stressed out over site issues, impending deadlines, etc., I am grateful to have found my dream job! Sometimes I feel guilty for earning a little bit of money from this, but as a stay-at-home mom of 2 little boys, I am so grateful that I have finally found a way to help provide a little bit of income for our family. Thank you for this honest post and I wish you many more years of success with your blog, because college isn’t cheap! 😉

  14. Well said!!! Someone told me once – we are putting in the work, the time, the expense & all that goes in to keeping it all going – for free to the world. All we ask is for a simple click. That is all it costs the reader – a click. For some that is too much & want more for that click. But we are grateful for those that do & that is what keeps us going. Being able to share our passions & creativity with those that want to see it.

  15. Well said … My blog is for fun and I enjoy it, but it still requires work to maintain.
    I have been lucky but I have had friends tell me about rudeness from people on their blogs.
    Keep up the good work – I enjoy reading your posts

  16. Very well said, Sonya! This is my “dream job”, as well, and I spend a lot of hours trying to make it work! Thank you so much for putting this out there! I feel your pain on the college tuition – I have one in college now and the tuition is a killer but so worth it!

  17. Very well said I really enjoyed reading the thoughts from your heart! You have a really wonderful blog and I look forward to seeing more great things!! 🙂

  18. Umm, can I just say Amen, sister to EVERYTHING in this post?! You took the thoughts from my head and the words from my mouth – YES to everything!

  19. Well, you just KNOW I have to comment…..You really couldn’t have said it any better. When I do sponsored posts, as much as I sponsor things I like and relate it to what we do at Thrift Diving, there’s a piece of me that cringes, worrying if it’s not going to be received well, or if people will roll their eyes and move on, thinking I have “sold out.”

    The truth as you said it, is that this is a job. It’s sooo much fun, but for me, it’s a career aspiration to be able to do this everyday, to ditch the mindless office job I am sitting at right now while I sneak computer time (hee hee). The only way I CAN do that is by including sponsored content.

    Blogs don’t run themselves.My hosting alone is $70 a month. My subscription list is $15 a month. Buying supplies–easily about $100 or more per month, sometimes MUCH more when it’s a big project.

    I think it’s simply because people don’t realize that it’s a business, with real expenses and real struggles (and real perks!) But posts like this will educate readers so that they can continue to consciously support us. Thanks, Sonya!! 🙂

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  20. Thanks so much for your inspiration! I too am blessed with a great ability to decorate and repair many items myself. I love the challenge’s. I am an instant gratification person. Proud as a peacock, you name it. Its just fun! I love your post. Keep your chin up and we all shall muddle through the mess together.

  21. For years I have visited different blogs but have never subscribed. Your blog touched that interest side of me. Reading this particular one shows me the reason. You are a DIYer after my on heart. I have fought back the creative side of me for years. I love creating! Whether it be food, wood, paint and even hair. I will try it. I don’t know which way to go. I love that you share with the world. Know that back some 2,000 years ago, people talked about Jesus. They will also criticize you. Continue to do what you do, there are people like me that are watching and need the inspiration to do what you do. God given talent.

  22. Amen Sonya!
    Everyone’s time & talent needs to to acknowledged & rewarded. There’s alot of not-so-nice people out there that want to make others feel bad. I advise, pray for them. (I think) they’re striking out because they’re hurting on the inside …
    Mary (yaya)

  23. I’m not sure why, but people never cease to amaze me! I am assuming your post was sparked by a rude comment(s). Unreal! You keep doing what you do for those of us who enjoy reading, viewing and get inspired by your inspirations! Thank YOU for your, paid or otherwise!

  24. Don’t let little minds bring you down. You have a beautiful, supportive family so keep up the hard work and thank you in advance for sharing your God given talents and time with us.

  25. Sonya, you are so lucky to have a husband who knows how to add code for you! Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post. It’s probably a good idea to educate our readers about how much time we spend “behind the scenes” before we publish a post. Luckily, I’ve never had anyone leave an unkind comment on our blog. You have indeed been blessed with a talent and this is a great medium to share it!

  26. Very well stated….as my momma always said…nice matters. Every person is entitled to make their living as they deem appropriate. How blessed you are to find a passion and ability to create and share through your blog. We are fortunate to share in your talents! Keep up the good work!

  27. Sonya –
    Know that for every person who thinks you’re doing something shady or wrong, there are hundreds of us who believe in you. You are so blessed to be able to make a living doing something you love. We are so blessed that you choose to share your gifts with us. Say a prayer for those naysayers and let the negative stuff go.

    Peace –

  28. I for one appreciate you and the other bloggers for welcoming me into your homes and lives. The information and projects you all share is priceless to me and I’m sure to most others as well. I would never expect that you would spend that amount of time blogging if you weren’t getting compensated in some way. That would be down right crazy !

  29. Bravo, Sonya! It blows my mind the amount of entitlement out there in blogland. You would never expect to watch a TV show and not see commercials or not pay for an album from a singer. I don’t understand why people think that bloggers shouldn’t be compensated for the blood, sweat, tears and time they put into their work. I think a lot of the problem is ignorance. People just don’t know what goes into blogging. Keep on doing your thing. You do amazing work and you should be proud!

  30. Thanks Katie! I have been a stay at home mom for 13 years earning what I could here and there and it is one thing I will never regret!!

  31. Sonya, I was surprised to read that anyone would have an issue with a talented blogger profiting in a small way from their blog. I’m naive I guess. Your sweet personality comes through here, and I look forward to reading your positivity. Don’t let “them” bother you for another minute. God bless you!

  32. You are so right!! Good on you for saying the truth. You have honored God and the gifts He has given you by standing up ! I am sure he is smiling 🙂

  33. A to the men. I’m so greatful for blogging. It’s allowed me to be able to stay at home and raise my son and still pay the bills I was paying prior to having him. Keep up the great work.

  34. In the Disney movie “Bambi,” the young rabbit Thumper is made to repeat what his father has told him. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” If only adults would learn this wise saying and adhere to. It seems many who have never attempted to accomplish what others strive to do, can so quickly find fault.

    I applaud your accomplishments. I admire your strengths. You have accomplished something I know I will never do. Kudos for you!

  35. I love your blog! You have been an inspiration to me and I LOVE your projects! I am a new DIYer and get a lot of ideas from you and other creative ladies so I thank you!

  36. I think all you Bloggers do a wonderful job,and i am glad you are there for us who want to learn but,do not want the job of blogging. I am retired and i get a lot of help from all you do and i can just imagine how hard the work is,so just know some of us truly appreciate you and love you for what you do. Have a wonderful creating day in Christ.

  37. Love this! You are so talented and don’t let anyone think you shouldn’t share that with the world 🙂

  38. I enjoy your posts!! You inspire ME to do things and I am SO NOT creative! haha I even took apart an old console TV and put a shelf in it, painted it, put a new back on it and am using it in the office and I LOVE it!! Thank you for your posts!! 🙂

  39. I loved reading these heart felt words. I too have a longing to create. I used to wonder where it came from? And then someone reminded me that I was made in the image of God…and that “In the beginning, God created…” And He wasn’t bland with His creation…He was extravagant! So keep on doing what you are doing! {And so will I!} Life to the full! Melissa

  40. You are a very talented lady and if you are able to get paid for what you do, well then that is a blessing from The Lord. It amazes me how people have a lack of respect for others these days.

  41. You are still the wonderful Christian girl I met all those years ago struggling to be a stay any home mom. Keep standing firm on your beliefs and never apologize for what you believe in and for doing what is best for YOUR family. Keep working what God gave you. You make Him happy everyday living in His will. As well as many countless, nameless others who read and see your work that you will never even know exist. Spread the LIGHT and LOVE, Sonya. You make hearts happy and homes beautiful everywhere. ❤️

  42. I get people thinking I should do my job for free,too! I’m a makeup artist and love my job and 99% of people will gladly pay my fees but there’s that 1% that don’t honour any job that is also an art form. Keep up the good work!

  43. Sonia,
    I only recently joined your mailing list, but I have enjoyed your blog a lot. I am chooses as to which blogs I follow. As for the “critics” out there, we are all human. But no one human has the right to open judge someone else, even if their shoes resemble those of others. We are our own worst crisis a and that is bad enough. Keep the creative juices flowing and we will happily read about it. The rest of them… Well maybe they need to find a different hobby.

  44. Thanks so much Jason! Keep doing what you love and know that sometimes it’s ok to be paid for it! Have a great weekend! ~Sonya

  45. I love how you put this. I am a 37 year old guy who just started doing DIY with furniture. I love to do it and have done it for years. I am on disability and can not afford to spend a ton of money on DIY projects. I have always done DIY for other people and myself and love to decorate the house. Even for other people at there request. Done it many time’s for free. You are right about this being a GOD given talent and it should be put to good use. I am not out to get rich just doing what I love to do most. Thanks for the great insight with this article it was great and I enjoyed reading it.

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