No Sew Denim Table Runner


No Sew Denim Table Runner

Back in the summer I bought 4 yards of denim fabric.  I love denim and I knew I would use it some how in my home. Today I want to show you how to make a no sew denim table runner.  What I love about denim is how it goes with everything.  Just like a great pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down.

I loved the way the selvage edge of the fabric looked and I wanted to keep that part.  In order to do that I only had to measure how wide I wanted my fabric because the length was the width of the fabric from the store.

No Sew Denim Fabric Table Runner

There are 3 easy steps to get the natural fray on denim that usually happens over time.  You take a pair of scissors and drag the blade across the cut edge of the fabric to rough it up.  This is the same as if you were curling curly ribbon.  This gets the fraying started.

Next you wash the denim.  I wouldn’t recommend drying in the drier just in case the fabric wants to shrink.  I just hung mine out to dry.  After it dries you can cut off all of the strings that appeared during the washing.

Then you have the perfectly frayed edge.

No Sew Denim Table Runner-How to fray denim fabric

I added this denim table runner to my kitchen table and then added a few items for fall.  I have so much rosemary in my backyard I like to decorate with it from time to time.  It smells so good.  I also was using it tonight in the meal I was preparing.

To carry on with the simple rustic look I have going on in my fall decor I added the rosemary to some Golden Harvest Mason jars.  I popped out the center lid and keep on the ring part.  I love how it looks.

No Sew Denim Table Runner-Simple Kitchen Decor

I recently ripped the fabric off of a lamp shade that I didn’t love and the wire made the perfect pedestal stand for my pumpkin.

Sometimes it just takes thinking outside of the box!


No Sew Denim Table Runner-Centerpiece Decor


No Sew Denim Table Runner-Fall Decor-Pumpkin Display

No sew denim table runner-kitchen table decor

I can already see that this denim table runner will be used for many seasons!

Another recent denim project was this Vintage Wood Stool Makeover.

VIntage Stool Makeover-Denim and Fur Decor

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  1. LOVE this! I just bought 4 pairs of blue jeans at a yard sale this weekend. I was going to make a runner out of them! Great minds think alike! Ha! Happy Fall! Melissa

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