Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve gathered some great gift guides for the harder to buy for people on your 2021 Christmas list. I love gift giving. My goal is also quality over quantity when giving a gift.

2021 Christmas gift guides graphic for At Home with the Barkers

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These gift guides were created with my family in mind. As a family of four and in each of these categories, these gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift.

You can use the table of contents to click directly to the gift guide you need most. Of course you can scroll the post as usual to look over all of the guides.

The gift ideas you see in each photo graphic will be listed below the photo.

As you are seeing everywhere, I recommend you buy early. Items sell out fast and shipping this year is crazy. I also will keep my black Friday sales post updated.

Women 40+

This gift guide could truly be for all women but I created with women over 40 in mind. Mom, mother in law, friends, and myself.

I think women of this age love to take care of themselves just as much as they take care of others. Hosting friends and family or traveling in style, these gift ideas are perfect.

Women to consider: wife, mom, best friend, sister, mother-in-law

Women over 40 Gift Guide 2021

Men 40+

A gift guide for men over 40 who like quality gadgets. The men I know love to show off how things work. Ray especially loves to share the coolest new things he has with others.

Men to consider: husband, dad, father-in-law, brother

Men over 40 Gift Guide 2021

Female: College to twenty-something

This gift guide was created with my college age daughter and her friends in mind. A gift guide for twenty-something girls who love trendy new styles, relaxing at home and spending time with friends.

College Girl Gift Guide 2021

Male: College to twenty something

Gift ideas for twenty-something men like my son. Similar to the over 40 crowd, guys like gadgets. This list includes great gifts for good times.

College Guy Gift Guide 2021

Stocking Stuffers for adults

Stocking stuffers have been a huge family tradition since I was a little kid.

My parents made it a big deal so Ray and I have kept it alive. Exchange stockings is my favorite thing on Christmas morning.

I love the fun, quirky finds to drop in our stockings. Sometimes though, I love to put a more expensive, unexpected gift in a stocking. Jewelry and gift cards are top of that list.

Adult stocking stuffers 2021

The women of our family to a fun stocking stuffer gift exchange and it is super fun.

Stress relief fidgets

When I asked on my Instagram stories what kind of gift ideas were needed, fidgets came up! I thought this was a good gift guide to make because we have these around our house.

Stress relief fidget toys 2021

I hope this Christmas gift guide list is helpful to you. Finding the perfect gift brings me so much joy.

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