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Clearing the Clutter

I’m one of those people who must clean before I start a project.  My brain doesn’t function well otherwise.  AND since I have so many projects I plan to do this Spring, January turned into a clearing the clutter month.  Not really planned, as in New Years resolution, but just how I roll.

Before I get to clearing the clutter, I want to share how we started 2013!  We decided to start this year with a vacation and boy am I glad we did!! We headed to Snowshoe, West Va. from January 1-5.  The snow and views were perfect! Seriously, look at our view!


This was our second year heading to Snowshoe and we really love it.  We have also been to Breckenridge in Colorado but the altitude was too much for me.  Snowshoe is also great because we can drive (8 hours) and no airport means money saved!



 I think this trip was our way of clearing the clutter from our minds so we could come home restored and ready for 2013!  Mission accomplished!

NOW for clearing the clutter at home!  Before you see these pics remember, this is my way of making it clean so I can think…the decorating will be the next stage. This, my friends, is what we call The Random Room. Where lots of random stuff takes place…crafts, card making, school projects, gift wrapping, scrap booking, fabric storage, family budgeting, blogging, you get the idea! So, here you go….




(FYI…the naked Barbie belongs to my neice…I told her, ladies shouldn’t leave home without clothing!!)

I know, you’re wondering how in the world could anything creative come out of that room? EXACTLY, it can’t!! I haven’t been able to think wonderful decorating thoughts with that mess!  So now that its all clean and neat, I’m ready to make it pretty!


**Updated Craft Room Here

Everyone joined in and pulled clothes from their closets that no longer fit!  I do on occasion send clothes to the Goodwill but I prefer to give them to specific people/places that have immediate needs. We are excited to send these with friends who do wonderful things for children! Tip…when your children out grow their clothes give them to your school.  Call the counselor and he/she will be happy to take them.  You would be SO surprised at how many children benefit from the clothes and shoes the counselor has in his/her office!  It may not be a tax write off BUT the joy in your heart is priceless!!


Now this one caught me off guard…Ray went into the attic and started clearing lots of his junk!! Seriously, all I did was offer Waffle House after the early church service and this is what happened!!


There were a few more things I tossed but not really picture worthy.  SO with the end of January I am ready to make some spaces pretty.  There are still plenty of things that need organizing and tossing around here BUT for now, I can breath and think again!

Am I the only one who must work this way? 

Please tell me I’m not crazy and that there is at least one of you who shares my way of thinking?!

I’m excited for the fun stuff now! 



  1. That view on snowshoe is AMAZING! Makes me itch to go skiing so bad. Congrats on the clutter clean-out! Let the creativity begin!

    1. Thanks Kelly, the views are amazing! After a week of computer issue’s I am hoping to get really creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Hi, just found your blog. I live in upstate sc, too!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Debbie! Nice to “meet” a local!

  3. Great job! I love to clear the clutter but it’s not so easy with kids who don’t want to part with things. I have a sneaky plan though. I take unused toys to the basement and the kids forget about them. After a couple of months if they haven’t asked for them back, I donate them. I just started following you via Facebook too.

  4. I love clearing out clutter like this – it always feels SO good, doesn’t it?!

  5. I know what you mean about clearing before you decorate. I tell my family it gets worse before it gets better! Mine ususally looks worse than that so you can fell better about
    What you do!

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