Dresser Storage Solutions

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

Dresser Storage Solutions

Dressers are one of the best pieces of furniture to use throughout any home, especially dresser storage solutions.  They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways, not just the bedroom for storing clothes.  Dressers are especially helpful in spaces where you may be limited on storage space.

Another great thing about this type of furniture is that you can pick them up from most any thrift store or yard sale, just like my sister and I did with the one in these pictures.  It was $15 at a yard sale.  This is actually a labor of love from my sister, then she gave it to me!! I know, awesome right!

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

We all have things that we need when we have a small birthday dinner or a full out party but we just don’t need them all of the time.  So storing them in a dresser is a great solution for keeping all the party supplies together yet not using up valuable cabinet space.

Items such as candles, paper products, dishes and tablecloths are all great to have all in one place for a quick an easy gathering.

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

So many times we end up cluttering our entryway floor or our counter tops because we don’t have a set spot for those everyday items.  Using baskets inside of the drawer will allow for neat organization of keys, pens, loose change, and some small tools.

Another option for your everyday drop zone dresser storage is to store those shoes that are always needed quickly such as sneakers for going on a run or dog walking.

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

The dresser is also a great option for storing seasonal items.  Holidays that you only have a few decorations for or for those delicate one’s that you want to protect.

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

If you need to make a small entryway but need somewhere to put all of those shoes, a dresser is perfect.

Dresser Storage Solutions from At Home with The Barkers #organization

Next time you are looking for furniture keep the dresser in mind.  They are so useful in small spaces and spaces that lack storage.  There are so many options out there you are bound to find one that meets your decorating style.

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  1. Oh wow!!! I’m always looking for new ways to utilize dressers especially for storage in my store, but these are great!! I’m so glad I found your pinterest post. Keep em coming!

  2. I use dressers for the same thing! In my old place I had barely any closet space so I used a thrift store dresser that I prettied up and used it as storage for the out of season clothes.

  3. I LOVE dressers and do the same thing! I have several (5…oh my gosh, I just counted! lol) in various rooms downstairs. Used as decor and storage, not clothes. My home is older and doesn’t have enough closets so this works really well for us.
    Pretty dresser by the way…and love the red knobs!!!


  4. My 55′ tv sits a top an old dark wood dresser that holds batteries of all sizes in small top drawer.video stuff in the other .3 large lower hold fam photos,scrapbook items, DVD..I love this dresser..it’s lower than the tv,no sides to hide tv viewing on angles either!

  5. We have a dresser of some sort in almost every room of the house. At our last house we had one in the entry and I loved it! That’s where we stored gloves and scarfs and things like that. It’s the best solution for looking great and being useful.

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