How to Shop your own Home

It sure is fun shopping in stores like Pottery Barn, HomeGoods and even thrift stores BUT learning how to shop your own home is the best way to refresh a room without spending money on this you don’t need.

How to Shop your own Home

The best way to shop your own home is to set up a make shift store. Find a spot where you can set out the items you want to play around with. Take everything that you are not using and items that you would like to try other places in your home and place them all together in your store.

This is also a great way to decide if you have things that you just don’t love anymore. It helps you tame the clutter in your home. Go ahead and set those items aside to get rid of.

How to Shop your own Home

Then the fun part begins…start picking out items to move around your house.

I started with this bird pillow I bought about a month ago at Home Goods.  Yep, a month ago.

How to Shop your own Home

Then I started adding some things around in my dining room.  I bought these two wooden art pieces from the Goodwill.  They are hand painted and from the 60’s.  I love the Patriotic feeling of them.  When I bought them I wasn’t sure where I would use them, I just knew I loved the look.

How to Shop your Home

This horn was an item my son had bought as a souvenir when he was younger!  I would have never thought of using it until I placed all of this together in my store.

How to Shop your own Home

 Next, I tried layering a few items on my dining room table by color scheme.  I love the natural look of the wooden pieces with the antlers as well.  I bought that wooden platter about 3 years ago at a thrift store for $1 and painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It is one of those pieces I love so I move it around my home often.

How to Shop your own Home

I’m wondering, do you shop your own home?  Have you ever set up all of your items like I do in a make shift store?  If you have never tried it, you should!  It’s a fun way to decorate on a budget and use items that you already own.

I love hearing your stories about how you all do things as well, so please share in the comments!

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  1. It’s a great idea to lay it all out where you can see everything, Sonya! So many times we say/hear shop your own home, but with everything scattered all over in different rooms {or the attic or basement} it can be difficult to picture what to use. I’m going to try this next time I am looking to mix things up!

  2. Love this idea. I have a hutch in my dining room where I stall stuff until I am ready to do something with. I need to pull them out and see what I have and what can inspire me instead of going and getting more.

  3. You know? I had this idea this afternoon… I thought, I won’t buy anything else right now. I better set all my stuff together and see what I really need before go out and buy by impulse, and now look!!! Just saw your post!!! That’s such an incredible idea. Will start tomorrow. Thank you Sonya, I will definitely try it 😉

  4. I definitely shop my own home when decorating. I do exactly what you do and put things out on the table that I’d like to use until a plan comes together. I keep what I’m not currently using for decorating in my basement and that’s my first shopping stop!

  5. How come I have never thought of this?!?
    Great idea!
    I can see how placing the things together so you can get yours eyes on them all at once could cause creativity!
    Thanks for this post!
    Hugs and love!

  6. I love this idea. I saw a photo on Pinterest the other day of a girls home decor closet and thought that’s what I need to do. I have decor stuff spread all over and rarely remember that I have any of it because it’s hidden in a cabinet or drawer. I’m gonna go “shop” my house right now. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration my friend!

  7. Totally true !!! I’ve been finding treasures for years and years for our first home we just bought (dream come true). Everything is going together sooo well now that I didn’t realize til I laid things out how I had groupings of things I love. Our home is full of love. Hubby is a great guy isn’t he !!! He’s helping pull it together. He has a great eye too :-). Have a great day Sonya !!! Love your blog !!!


  8. I love this idea. We are buying a new home and I’m already overwhelmed with decorating ideas! New house= new opportunities for fresh ideas and looks! I’ve been thinking I was going to get rid of a lot of stuff, but this inspires me to just re-imagine what I have. Thanks!

  9. That sure is a sweet husband!! Laying it all out together also lets you see collections that you may not have realized you had started!

  10. I love your idea girl. That way you can see everything at once and pair things together. I have boxes full of switch outs. My hubby and I have an agreement that for every ‘new’ item I pick up, I pick one that I don’t really like anymore and give it back to the thrift store. Sweet thing doesn’t hold me to it though ;-). He knows when I pick my treasures I can’t hardly part with them because I only pick the things that jump at me and then they are with me forever. Going to try your way of putting my treasures in the table and going from there. Have a fantabulous day !!!


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