Mirror Makeover

Mirror MakeoverI love to reuse, redo, remake, redesign…it’s what I do!  That’s why I love this mirror makeover so much.  I have had this mirror for years.  I know that gold is very trendy right now but this was one of those items that I just wanted to change up. Plus, I really wanted to cover that creamy crackle effect.

Mirror Makeover before

As I do with lots of my projects, I use what I have on hand.  I used Maison Blanche in Magnolia for layer one and Annie Sloan in Duck Egg for layer two.

I still wanted some of the gold to show through so after I painted both layers and let them dry, I went back with a wet cloth and wiped away where I wanted the gold to show through. This is a great trick to use when using any type of chalk like paint.  The keeps from stirring up dust from sanding.

Mirror Makeover-Maison BlancheHere you can see how the paint goes on for both layers.  Since I was painting two layers as well as planning to wax, I didn’t need to get a complete paint coverage on each color.  This is why I love distressing painted pieces.

Mirror Makover-Annie Sloan

For the wax I used dark wax first then went back over with clear wax to lift off some of the dark color in areas that seemed too dark.  When doing this with wax be sure to use the clear wax right after you do the dark so the wax doesn’t have time to dry and harden.

You can see from this picture the difference the wax makes.  If you have never used any chalk like paint you will be in for a surprise or a treat, depending on the look you were going for.  That’s why you should always have a test piece so that you can be sure of what you are getting.  This Duck Egg looks a lighter blue without wax then with the dark wax turns a greenish color…this is why Duck Egg is one of my favorite colors!

Mirror Makeover- Waxing

The distressing and waxing brings out the pretty details in this mirror.  I love how it looks now.

Mirror Makeover- Distressing

Mirror Makeover

Randomness…have you ever tried to photograph a mirror?  Oh my…it’s almost impossible!

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  1. I was looking for tips on how to distress my mirror and I pulled up your pictures and how to and there was the exact mirror that I am making over! Too funny! I can’t wait to get started. I bought the white chalk paint too. 🙂 Thanks for your tips!

  2. You have to wax Chalk Paint to seal it, otherwise it feels very dry, like a chalkboard. It takes time to get the right technique but I think everyone can get the hang of it. Go for it! ~Sonya

  3. I have this same mirror but instead of the white crackle, it has a hunter green crackle! I’m dying to redo it but so nervous because I’ve never done it before! I love the way yours turned out! Is clear wax necessary? I see what a difference the dark wax makes, but what purpose does clear wax serve? Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. The only reason you will need to use the clear wax first is because the dark wax will really change the color of your paint. I personally have done both. If you look at this post here you will see I used dark wax first because I wanted to really darken the red. So it really depends on the look you are going for but it’s not necessary. You can always try it in a small discrete area to see and if you do the dark wax first and you don’t like it you can use clear wax right away to take it back off. https://athomewiththebarkers.com/painting-with-annie-sloan-chalk-paint-emperors-silk/

  5. Beautiful mirror! I do have a question. Are you supposed to use clear wax under the dark wax? I have some dark wax waiting to be used and all that I have read says to use clear wax first. I appreciate your input as I am anxiously (nervously) waiting to give it a try!

  6. Thanks so much! I did not sand it. All I did was wiped it down to make sure there wasn’t any dust. That’s the best part about the chalk paint, no prep work!

  7. Question….did you use sandpaper on the gold paint before applying the new coats of paint or just painted directly over the gold? This came out so beautiful and I would love to do this but I wasn’t sure if you sanded it down first or just painted right over it. Thanks for your help!

  8. I bought mine from a local retailer in Greenville SC who sells Annie Sloan. You will have to look on her website to find one near you.

  9. Love it!! Thanks for sharing how dark wax makes it look! I never knew! Always thought clear wax was the way to go. Now I need a mirror!

  10. Now I can’t wait to go looking for an old mirror!! Love it!!

  11. Love, love your mirror makeover Sonya! The layering of colors and dark & clear waxing is superb! Definitely going to remember to avoid messing sanding and wipe with a wet cloth next time. Thanks for the tip! Have a great week!

  12. I love the new color! I didn’t know the difference that dark wax could make when finishing a piece. I’ve only had experience using clear wax.

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