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Here I am again…sharing my Wooden Sign Love with you!  I can’t help it…this project is just an easy one that I can make pretty quick.

I have wanted a sign with the word love on it for a long time!  Just something simple.  This one turned out perfect.  I have it dressed up a little for Valentine’s Day but for every other day it will just stay simple.  The gold heart was a Christmas ornament that I scored at those awesome after Christmas sales.  It was from Walmart.  The red and white heart garland is fun and festive if you prefer a bit more color.

Valentine's Day Wooden Love Sign Home Decor

DIY Love Wooden Sign and Garland - athomewiththebarkers.com

For this sign I stained the wood with Minwax Weathered Oak.  I practiced writing the word love with a piece of chalk until it was the size I wanted.  Then I hand painted over the chalk with white acrylic paint.  I wanted to give it a smooth finish so once the paint dried I put a thin layer of wax then buffed it off immediately.  Easy enough!

How to create a Wooden Sign with Paint - athomewiththebarkers.com

I have a few other ideas for this sign as well.  I thought about using the twine like I have the gold heart hanging from and adding pictures of my family.  That would be another way to make the sign personal.  Maybe the word love isn’t for you, write whatever you like on yours. TRUTH. FAMILY. INSPIRE.CREATE.  The choices are endless.

DIY Painted Wooden Sign for Valentine's Day

During the holidays I made a couple of signs like this…You can see how I made the wooden sign HERE.

Other than this little sign I made, this week has been crazy.  The crazy freeze we have had caused 2 pipes to burst in our upstairs and water came through the wall…loads of fun! Since my husband and I both work from home, we are very thankful that we were here and able to shut the water off fast or the damage would have been a lot worse.

So, if you were going to make this sign, what word would you write?  Why would you pick it? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Sonya,

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it so much I would share it all year long. 🙂

    Happy day to you friend!

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