Spice Cabinet Organizing


Spice Cabinet Organizing

My spice cabinet organizing has been lacking.  It is one of those spaces in my home that gets used everyday.  It’s also one of those spaces where I keep saying that needs organizing but for some reason it never happens.  It’s easy to put it off because once I’m done cooking I just close the door.  That seems to be a bad habit in disorganized spaces for me and I would bet for you as well.  The ole “out of sight out of mind” mentality is cause for many disorganized cabinets, rooms, closets, etc. You get the point.

SO…my spices were all stuffed in this small cabinet and I could never see what I needed.  I would have to remove almost everything every time I cooked.  Not so fun or productive.  This is what it looked like before I added the shelf.

Spice Cabinet-Before

This shelf was the perfect size for my cabinet.  At first I was afraid it was going to be a bit too wide but turns out it worked just right.

Spice Cabinet Sunbeam Shelf

The next part is so simple it is still ridiculous as to how long I’ve waited to get it done.  I’m serious when I say it was only $5 and10 minutes for this spice cabinet organizing! I emptied the cabinet out and tossed anything that was expired and combined any doubles.  YES! Doubles! That’s what happens when you can’t see everything or remember what you have.

Spice Cabinet List

So after all of my hard work (insert sarcasm) this is how nice and neat everything looked.

Spice Cabinet-After

My husband has been helping with some of the cooking and he was a little happy about this!  Do you have any place in your home that you could organize in 30 minutes or less and it would make a big difference in you day?  If you can think of one spot, I challenge you to JUST DO IT! Take that 30 minutes and do something for yourself that you will be so happy about later.

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  1. I tried that but found that everything falls out when you try to get something in back. I love putting all my spices in photo boxes- you can get 24 standard size bottles in one box. A lot of spices come with labels on the top- but gorgeous those that don’t, just get out my trusty Dymo labeler. This works great because it also keeps sunlight out. Have one box for whole spices and one for ground. Now to find a box the right size for the bigger bottles!

  2. WHAT! I’ve gotta go shopping for one of those. I’m such an disorganized mess! Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. You can actually buy the tiered racks at Dollar Tree! Cut that $5 to $1! They also have wire racks that I use in our freezer and fridge to create extra space, I love them and they are a great deal considering they are usually $10 elsewhere. Thanks for posting!

  4. I tend to know what everything is by the bottle but my husband had said I should add labels…I love your idea of using the sharpie!! Thanks!

  5. you still can’t see what most of these are, but if you use a silver sharpie and write a one-word identifier on the cap, that situation would be solved (e.g.: “Oreg” for oregano, etc). Plus it would look sort of “pizzazz-y” (is that a word?)

  6. I did the same exact thing in mine years ago & they are in alphabetical order! It makes life so much easier. The smaller, more frequently used are in the cabinet next to the stove. I took the ones that are larger and seldom used and put those in the pantry. Blessings! Rachel M.

  7. Doesn’t it feel so good to be organized! I got a spice shelf like this a few years ago and it makes such a difference in being able to “see” my spices! Hope your weekend is wonderful…

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