Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath-American Flag-Memorial Day-At Home with The Barkers

I love long weekends and gatherings with friends and how easy life seems on those wonderful days.

But then I can’t help but think of the reason we will have this long weekend and the ability to gather together.

It’s because of Brave men and women who have died fighting for our country, for you, for me.

We celebrate Memorial Day to honor them.

To take a moment to pray for those who lost their soldier in battle.

No matter what things seem to dismantle our country there is something about the American flag that brings it all back together again.

There is comfort in knowing that there are still BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, and HONORABLE people out there who stand up for us.

Patriotic Wreath-American Flag-Memorial Day-At Home with The Barkers

I decided to dress my front door with a Patriotic Wreath.

I took the grapevine wreath that I have used for many years and spray painted it white.  I had wanted to do this for a while because I knew it would stand out more from the street.  So I took it out in the back yard, hung it in a tree and painted with the paint I had on hand.

Patriotic Wreath-Spray Painted Grapevine Wreath

Then I gathered up some patriotic things I had around my house.  I had bought the chalkboard signs but had never used them.  The red beads didn’t make it in this picture because they were an after thought.  They are decor I use in my Christmas tree, 🙂

Patriotic Wreath-Flags-Chalkboard Signs

 I love how this patriotic wreath turned out.  It is only a very simple reminder for me to be grateful for others and their service to a bigger cause.

Patriotic Wreath-Memorial Day Honor

 I hope you have a great long weekend with family and friends.

Love them, enjoy them, and be thankful for FREEDOMS that you have been blessed with today!

I know this world seems a mess most days but SMILE and be KIND, don’t make it worse!

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  1. Love this idea and what a wonderful way to celebrate Memorial Day!

    Thank you so much for the red white and blue inspiration!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!

  2. Thank you so much Wendi!! AND thanks to your husband and family for your service! Have a great day ~Sonya

  3. This is beautiful Sonya. Both your wreath AND your post. We are a military family, My husband is 22 years and a commander in the Navy. We are very thankful of the huge sacrifices our soldiers have made for the freedom we all enjoy. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  4. Really like your wreath, simplicity is great. I’ve got a wreath in craft room and some white spray paint, and some small flags. Can make chalkboards, have pieces cut already. I like simple/quick projects and this is wonderful one.
    Maybe it won’t rain right away tomorrow so we can get the wreath painted on back deck. And if the wind stays quiet for while. I’ll get the supplies ready to make this. I’d made a big flag to put out on front porch but since due to get rain won’t put it out.
    I can certainly appreciate the service people. Hubs and I were married just 3 1/2 weeks (11/30/68) before he had to leave on 12/26/68 for Viet Nam. He was flight engineer on helicopters with Jolly Greens, rescued shot down pilots. He was the guy that winched people up to chopper. Our first date was 10/18/68.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love it! We’ve had several members that have served and lost their lives for our country. We appreciate all the men and women in the military!

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