Spring Cleaning Outdoors

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-At Home with The Barkers

I’m so happy to finally be getting my spring cleaning outdoors done.  The weather around here in the south has been crazy with so many up and down temps.  Don’t even get me started on the pollen!  It is so nasty.  I have been happy with all the rain we have gotten because it really does help wash the pollen away.

Although the rain keeps a good bit of the pollen washed off, it doesn’t clear off the rest of winters dirt and moldy stuff.  Y’all have moldy stuff too, right??  See, it’s gross.

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Mold Pollen

None of my outdoor “rooms” are covered.  I have a deck and a two part patio that are in the elements all year long.  I am super excited that Ryobi Outdoors has given me the opportunity to try out some of their new and awesome products.  If you follow me on Instagram (hmmm, which you totally should) you saw some behind the scenes pics of me and some of my blogging friends at the first ever Ryobi University last month.

First on my list was the electric pressure washer.  (the linked product is the updated version of mine in the photos)

I wanted something more powerful than the hose to help me clean but not a pressure washer that would peel the paint off.  This was the perfect product.  Look how clean my side table is now!

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Patio Furniture

Also, my big table got a nice cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Table

Ray was loving how well the pressure washer was performing so he went ahead and washed the shed.  That shed will be getting painted within the next couple of weeks!

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Pressure Washing Shed

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Cobwebs

Now that the deck and the patio (and the shed) are all clean it’s time to plant some flowers.  I wanted to make sure we had our last frost before I did any planting.

I’m thinking the 80 degrees yesterday and the farmers tan I got at the track meet are good indicators that it’s time for flowers.

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-Outdoor Living

In case you missed it, I made the a Monogram Flag for the deck.

Spring Cleaning Outdoors-DIY monogram flag

I’m so pleased with the performance of the pressure washer but just as pleased with how easy it is to use and put away.  Although Ray did most of this cleaning while I took a few pictures, I have already taken the pressure washer out by myself just to give a try.  Easy as pie to handle!

Anytime you are working with tools you need to keep yourself safe…here is the best way to be protected when using the pressure washer.

*Secure hair off shoulders
*Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing
*Wear long sleeves, long pants and sturdy shoes
*Wear eye protection
*Use two hands
**Usage: Removing dirt and mold from decks, patios, driveways, house siding, cleaning cars, boats, motorcycles, grills, outdoor furniture. Use appropriate nozzle

Have you done any spring cleaning outdoors yet this year?  If not, it’s time to get started.  Evening dinners outside are the best.


  1. The pressure washer did a great job cleaning the crud off that table. Best to keep in mind that pressure sprayers aren’t good for all materials though, especially some woods.

  2. Looks like everything was cleaned with just that pressure washer. That looks good.

  3. I think that the pressure washer has been the best thing to happen to outdoor cleaning. Like you say, it’s the perfect product! I use it to wash off everything. It’s so powerful that it can get rid of a whole winter of dirt.

  4. Pressure Washing always amazes me how clean everything comes out, best part about it is when our costumers see the difference they are always so happy with our work. It is one of the best things invented to clean with that is a proven fact.

  5. I love power washing my backyard every year. There is something about seeing the dust of the year get washed away and make it look brand new. Thanks for share the before and after images. it just goes to show that anything can look brand new again with a simple wash.

  6. Your house and garden look like new after spring cleaning. Well done!

  7. You have a gorgeous back yard, all the pretty trees all around. Was that a stream I saw thru the trees behind or a road? You have such nice outdoor furniture also. Imagine it feels great to have things cleaned up so you can enjoy your yard for bbq’s.
    We’ve had so much wind it’s hard to get bbq going even. I had to put a zillion clothes pins on laundry today so it wouldn’t end up down the road. Our dryer works fine but I love hanging our laundry out, especially the sheets, the whole bedroom smells good when I put them back on bed.
    We lived in western Ky, one side of house faced north and we had mildew on side all the time. Western CO is very dry where we live now, (about 18 miles west of Grand Junction). Enjoy your gorgeous yard Happy Weekend

  8. After you have finished cleaning it always smells so wonderful.

  9. Everything looks great! I have been pressure washing too! It’s hard to keep the inside and outside of the house clean 🙂 Love your yard!

  10. I wish I were your neighbor so that I could borrow your power washer. I’d love to wash our deck, patio, and shed with it. The pollen is terrible this year! Your back yard is looking great now that everything is clean!

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