Spring Wreath for Indoors

Spring fever has hit!

SO much I decided I needed a Spring Wreath for indoors.

I always have a wreath for my front door (I’ll show you that at the end of the week ) but I wanted to make one I could enjoy from inside the house!

Spring Wreath for Indoors

I started with a burlap covered straw wreath that I already had from last Summer.  I am very frugal with things like this and reuse any time I can.  I don’t like to keep things the same so I like to buy items that I can change up to make look different depending on the season and how my decorating is changing.

I bought the burlap ribbon and just wrapped it around the straw wreath.  Then I taped it into place using masking tape.  It has been on there for almost a year and the tape is holding up just fine.  I thought the tape would make it easier when I decided to do something different with the wreath.

The green striped ribbon are pieces leftover from my Christmas decorating but I checked Hobby Lobby this past weekend when I was there and they still have it! I love this shade of green.  The ceramic bird had a long wire stem on it, I’m sure it was intended for inserting into a floral arrangement.  I took wire cutters and snapped that off so that I could add the bird to my ribbon.  I believe the Spring items were 30% off and the original cost was $3.99.  If not I always have the 40% off 1 regular priced item option.

Spring Wreath-Burlap and Bird

The wire cutters could only get so close to the end of the stem, which left a small piece sticking out.  I didn’t want to take the chance on breaking the bird by trying to get any closer.  No problem though, I just used a cream colored craft paint and it camouflaged the stem just fine.  Then I added hot glue to the back and stuck it to the ribbon.

Spring Wreath-Bird

Spring Wreath-Hot Glue Bird

Spring Wreath-Bird and Ribbon

I love watching birds, I especially love to hear them sing.

I thought it would be perfect to add the spring wreath to a piece of Music Art I made.

Wait…I never showed you that did I…I’ll get that in a post soon!

Spring Wreath-Blue Bird

Spring Wreath for Indoors-Table Display

Do you use wreath’s indoors?

I haven’t much in the past BUT I feel certain is going to change!

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Vintage Twist Spring Mantel

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  1. I am not great at bow making that’s why that one is super simple. I think that may be about 24 inches of ribbon. Yes, I painted to frame but I used spray paint.

  2. Boy, I just read over my posted message and laughed at myself yet a little embarrassed because my hands must have got off home row when I tried to tell you that I loved the white picture frame. Maybe I am thinking in another language I didn’t know I knew! LOL! Sorry about that.

  3. Sonya..that wreath is so cute. I didn’t know that they make burlap ribbon. You said you used masking tape to keep it from unraveling. Where? It is certainly not visiable..At first I thought it might be ace bandages that you had wrapped around a wreath frame..I love the ribbon and the little bird is sweet! Kive tgat wgute picture frame..let me guess, you painted it white but it was some other finish? How much ribbon like that do you usually buy to make a bow that size or larger? I can’t make bows but the floral designer at Michael’s or A.C. Moore can and also I have a dear friend that can but her husband isn’t well and I don’t want to ask her.She is such a creative person..talented in many ways..Thank you for sharing this wreath with your blog foloowers.

  4. I’ve never used one indoors but I think I’ll be doing it now. That little bird is precious!

  5. Always have one on the front doors back, I have a double hanger on the door so my entry way always has something on it,
    Love your wreath, I have a straw wreath but need to get the burlap ribbon!

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