Teen son room makeover progress

Slowly BUT surely we are making progress in my son’s room.


We moved him to the bonus room upstairs over a year ago….

These built in cabinets were just a place to collect lots and lots of stuff! So we tore out what we didn’t need and kept only what would be useful.  My son, Dylan, plays music so we are using the storage for drums, amps, and other gear.  The wall space above will be for us to hang guitars and his keyboard will sit on the cabinet top. I’m super excited for this because now when his friends are over they will be able to play while all sitting together.




My very own handy man does great work!


FYI…we hate doing sheetrock work AND this project was more than we had anticipated! Especially since we decided to remove 4 BIG speakers that were installed in the ceiling 🙁


drum storage


The symbols make the coolest reflections on the walls!

Dylan's room

Hopefully we will have the full room completed SOON!

P.S. hope you don’t mind the iPhone photos 🙂

Have a Great week, friends!



  1. Thanks for stopping by! I will soon post an update on the finished room. The summer was filled with lots of teen boys in that room so photographing it was impossible. 🙂 Sonya

  2. Stopping by via the Linky party. What a neat room! I have musicians, so I know all about equipment! It looks like you have a great space there!

  3. I will be sure to tell hubby your compliment! Thank you for your sweet words. I look forward to the Wednesday blog hop.

  4. Oh, the days of drumsets. My brother was a drummer so I grew up with the sound coming from the basement. It paid off, he went to New England Conservatory of Music and studied jazz drumming with some of the greats!

    LOVE this shelving. Your personal handyman is a genius (tell him a reader said so)!

    Thanks for the follow. Stop by my site for Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hops? Would love to have you.

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