TV Tray Makeover

It’s that day of the month where I join some of my blogging friends for our themed painted furniture day and this months theme is “Words and Letters.”

I decided a TV Tray Makeover way the perfect project for this theme.  I have been wanting to do something to these trays for a long time.  I’ve had them for years and we still use them.  Every Sunday night we order pizza and watch TV as a family and these trays come in very handy.

I had thought I was going to add a letter B for our monogram but my husband said I should put the word EAT on there.

I loved it, of course!

TV Tray Makeover using Chalky Finish Paint

The TV Trays started just basic like any tray set you can buy pretty much any where.

TV Tray Before Makeover

The stencils I used are the same one’s I used last year to make my holiday signs.  I like that they are cheap, easy to use and basic block letters.

TV Tray Makeover-Letter stencils

I used my Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint that I already had.  I didn’t want to paint the entire surface of the tray’s so I decided to paint just the stand and the stenciled word.

After the paint was dry I distressed with sand paper.

TV Tray Makeover- Stenciled Letters

I also thought the the tray could pop up like a small table and I could use it for a snack table.

The kids always come in hungry while I am making dinner so this would be a great way to have something set out that they could just grab.

TV Tray Makeover-Snack Table

I would bet that most families have a set of these tray’s in there house,  do you?

We had the metal one’s when I was a kid…remember those?

TV Tray Makeover-Chalky Finish Paiint

Now you have a simple project you can complete before the holidays get here.

A fun way to customize a basic item in your house.

TV Tray Makeover and After School Snack


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  1. I should have never gotten rid of our tv trays when we moved last year. The kids are even missing them. I would have like them a lot more if they were spruced up a bit! Love it!

  2. Love these! I’ve been looking for TV trays lately. I remember having them around when we were kids. “Eat” was good and fun choice for the word too!

  3. What a fun and creative idea to add a little pizzazz! I love it. I will be doing this VERY soon-thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. I do remember having those metal ones! I always got the one with the broken rubber clip thingy! Yours are awesome! I could “EAT!” ~Jeanette

  5. I think we have the exact same set of trays at my house and the funny thing is that I thought about making them over for this challenge. Adding “Eat” jazzes it up and makes it much cuter. Do you remember eating tv dinners on the metal ones like I do?

  6. So cute! Yes, we have these exact tables- got them as a wedding present, and we use them all the time. I keep thinking I need to update them somehow… thanks for the inspiration! (By the way- love your new blog look!) 🙂

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