Faux greenery farmhouse wreath

DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath

After I shared my shed makeover last week with you I mentioned there were quite a few projects in there that I wanted to share with you all. My DIY farmhouse style wreath is one of those projects. I am totally obsessed with farmhouse style decor, especially when it comes to the HGTV show ...

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ORC Shed Makeover Bench Details

One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Reveal

It's DONE!! I have never painted so much in my entire life. If this is your very first time stopping by my blog, Hey there! I am so glad you are here. It's One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Reveal day, so you picked a great day to visit. To catch everyone up to speed let me do a little ...

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White Walls ORC

One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Week 5

Hey there friends! Can you even believe it's time for the One Room Challenge Shed Makeover Week 5 update already? AND it's May? AND I'm the mom to a high senior who will graduate in 20 days? Oh wait, that's just me who finds that hard to believe. Ray decided I needed some ...

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easy pine bench shed makeover

One Room Challenge Bench Building

So here we are with week 4 One Room Challenge bench building update.We built a bench, and by we I mean mostly my honey! YEP, I just panicked a little by typing week 4. In reality I have about one week left to work because week 6 is the shed makeover reveal. That means as a blogger it's ...

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ORC Fabric Selection

One Room Challenge Fabric

It gets worse before it gets better right? If you have ever done a room makeover on a time crunch then you know that to be true. This week I'm talking One Room Challenge™ fabric options. I finally made my decisions and have my fabric ready to go. First, let's talk paint... Before I ...

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Shed Makeover

One Room Challenge Week 2 Update

Y'all that was a fast week and it's already time for the one room challenge week 2 update! Last week when I decided at the very last minute to jump in with Calling It Home for the most fun room makeover challenge I went straight to work. I showed you my inspiration for the shed ...

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One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Shed Inspiration

I can't believe I have decided to do the One Room Challenge™ at the very last minute! I had told myself I was too busy and there wasn't enough time but my excitement and need to get the shed completed won out. This post is to share my one room challenge shed inspiration with you ...

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Spring Cleaning Essential Home Care

Home Cleaning Routine

  Having a home cleaning routine is essential to keeping our home neat and myself sane. I'm not sure about you but I get really excited about a fresh clean home, especially after coming out of lots of sickness and germs. A home cleaning routine is very important in maintaining a ...

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Painting Dining Set

How to paint a Dining Set

Over the years I have painted lots of furniture and painting tables and chairs are by far the hardest furniture pieces to work on, especially chairs. I spray painted my entire dining set a few years ago with cans of paint. It looks beautiful but it was slow go. I do love spray paint from a ...

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Clean Home Challenge-Quick Tip Friday

Quick Tip Friday Clean Home Challenge

Now that we can all see the light at the end of the winter tunnel, we can start thinking about Spring! Birds chirping, flowers blooming and a clean house! Today's quick tip is about the everyday cleaning not Spring cleaning, that will come soon enough! We all long for our home to ...

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