Sherwin Williams Oakmoss

Sherwin Williams Oakmoss SW 6180 is a warm medium to deep green with a refreshing and timeless look. The yellow-gray undertone is cheery while still being earthy and will work well in well lite or dark rooms.

Discover why Oakmoss is a green paint color to consider for your next room makeover.

Dining room board and batten painted in SW Oakmoss wall color

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What type of color is Oakmoss?

SW Oakmoss is a grounding, earthy green paint color that is neither too bright nor too muted. It evokes the feeling of nature, trees and landscapes.

This green shade would also work well with a colorful palette when used as a neutral base.

When I painted our dining room with Oakmoss I choose to do only the board and batten wall detail. The color is refreshing and beautiful. My dining room is a room I paint often. It is currently all white while I work on a new makeover.

Past DIY dining room makeovers included black walls and one where I had blue walls. You can certainly see how my style changes over the years. Get a look at our entire home paint color palette to see how it throughout each space.

Dining room styled with black, tans and Oakmoss green wall

What is the LRV of Sherwin Williams Oakmoss?

The LRV (Light Reflective Value) of Oakmoss is 13. Remember, LRV is measured from 0-100 with 0 being darkest black and 100 being pure white.

What are the Undertones Oakmoss?

The undertones of SW Oakmoss has a warm undertone of yellow-gray. This is always important to keep in mind when choosing a color. The undertone of the paint will be what you see when trying to coordinate your rooms other pieces.

You can usually see the undertone of a paint color with one coat of paint.

Oakmoss paint during makeover to see undertone

If you don’t love yellows and would prefer blue, you would look for a cooler green with blue undertones. I’ve added options below.

Best Paint Sheen for Oakmoss?

When choosing a paint sheen or finish for darker paint colors you need to consider how glam or formal do you want this space to feel. A high gloss paint is what you choose in this instance. High gloss paint will reflect lights much more so than any other sheen but will also show imperfections the most.

For a classic look I stick with eggshell finish. This sheen shows less reflections and imperfections while still being easy to wipe down.

My paint sheen guide will give you details to use for all of your paint color needs.

Dining room styled with black, tans and Oakmoss green wall

Where to use Oakmoss in your home?

Oakmoss is a very versatile paint color and can be used pretty much anywhere.

  • Walls of any room
  • Built-in cabinetry
  • Kitchen cabinets

Handy Tip

If saving money and starting a project fast is your style, learning how to paint a room from top to bottom is a skill you’re going to want to know. Even if you are a beginner, knowing how to paint a room is the best way to a new look quick.

Dining room styled with black table and Oakmoss green wall

Oakmoss Coordinating Colors

Similar Colors to SW Oakmoss

As with all paint, it is very important to sample the options in the room of your home where it will be painted. Oakmoss could very well look different in your home.

While the undertone would remain the same, the color could look more or less yellow based on the light and other things it will be paired next too.

Sampling paint directly on the wall is not wise for every situation. It is how I do it most often but that comes with consequences. If you aren’t prepared to complete the project right away it is best to order peel and stick paint samples.

  • Greenfield (SW 6439)
  • Pewter Green (SW 6208)
  • Courtyard (SW 6440)
  • Secret Garden (SW 6181)

Oakmoss versus Greenfield: has an LRV: 15, RGB: 96 / 114 / 79

Oakmoss versus Pewter Green: has an LRV: 12, RGB: 94 / 98 / 89

Oakmoss versus Courtyard: has an LRV: 9, RGB: 71 / 88 / 66

Oakmoss versus Secret Garden: has an LRV: 8, RGB: 79 / 82 / 58

Don’t skip this step!

The number one way to guarantee you get a paint color that misses the mark, is to skip the sample step. Don’t make that mistake.

Be sure to sample your paint colors.

More Paint Colors from Top Brands

  • Benjamin Moore: Dark Olive (2140-30)
  • BEHR: Royal Orchard (PPU11-01)
  • KILZ: Peaceful Forest (TB-80)
Dining room board and batten walls oakmoss green paint

Overall Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is a good color option for a room you want to make a statement or create a moody cozy space. It can act as a neutral for when you need it to or stand on it’s own as a stand out color.

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