Easy summer peony grapevine wreath

How to make a summer grapevine wreath with faux greenery and peony flowers.

Faux peony flowers for wreath

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The grapevine wreath is the most versatile for home decor if you like to do seasonal decorating. It is easy to redecorate over and over again. If you’re looking for something that you can tweak and use throughout many seasons and years, I highly recommend buying a grapevine wreath.

This summer Peony wreath I made was a quick idea after seeing the faux bushel of flowers at Walmart. I already had the grapevine wreath and the greenery stems at home. It was super easy to make.

Small Porch wreath and curb appeal
summer peony grapevine wreath supplies

How to make this summer wreath

First, place the green stems/bundles evenly around the entire grapevine wreath. The reason I love the grapevine wreath so much is because of the ability to take the stems and weave them into the branches without using any kind of extra wires or glue. My greenery is a couple of years old from Michael’s. I looked for the exact one online but did not see it.

Because my wreath hangs on a glass storm door I make sure the stems are weaved well into the grapevine and don’t stick out through the back. Otherwise the stems would show when the door is open and you would see the back of the wreath through the glass.

Grapevine wreath through storm door
Grapevine wreath through storm door

The greenery I have has been used in pots and on wreaths. I love the wispy nature of it. For your wreath feel free to get the greenery you enjoy or might go with your style. Once you have your greenery around your entire wreath then you’re going to add your pink peonies.

Snip the peonies leaving enough of the stem to tuck into the grapevine wreath. They don’t have to be the entire length of the stem but keep mine around 4-5 inches. Once the flowers are all snipped take the leaves and slide them all the way up to meet the flower. This will create more of a presence behind the flower with the natural leaves it comes with.

Faux peony flowers for wreath
DIY summer peony grapevine wreath
summer peony wreath side view

When adding the peony into the wreath group them for interest and balance. Evenly spacing them one by one all the way around will make the wreath look too uniform. Place a big and a little flower together, maybe in threes. This gives more interest to your wreath.

summer Front door wreath
summer peony grapevine wreath

Supplies for summer wreath

Front door summer wreath

At this point I think I should share this…I originally wanted white flowers. They didn’t have the white and it was a spur of the moment purchase right there in Walmart. So I went with the pink because I’ve seen these made and I knew it would be beautiful. I still think it’s a little too pink for my style of decorating because I like more muted, neutral decor but I think from the street it’s very pretty.

I decided to go ahead and share it here on the blog because it’s still beautiful and the tips I’m sharing for making it can be used with all different flowers and greenery.

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