Easy summer peony grapevine wreath

How to make an easy summer grapevine wreath with faux greenery and peony flowers. Update your home curb appeal with a front porch refresh.

Faux peony flowers for wreath

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Looking to add a pop of color to your front porch? A DIY faux peony wreath is the the perfect addition. Real peonies bloom for a relatively short time. Choosing silk pink peonies for your wreath project is the best way to enjoy the peony flower from spring through summer.

The grapevine wreath is the most versatile for home decor if you like to do seasonal decorating. It is easy to redecorate from a farmhouse style wreath or a natural spring wreath. If you’re looking for something that you can tweak and use throughout many seasons and years, I highly recommend buying a grapevine wreath.

Small Porch wreath and curb appeal

This summer Peony wreath I made was a quick idea after seeing the faux peony flowers. I already had the grapevine wreath and the greenery stems at home. It was super easy to make.

Supplies for peony wreath

summer peony grapevine wreath supplies

How to make this summer wreath

First, place the green stems/bundles evenly around the entire grapevine wreath. The reason I love the grapevine wreath so much is because of the ability to take the stems and weave them into the branches without using any kind of extra wires or glue.

My greenery is a couple of years old from Michael’s. I looked for the exact one online but it was no longer available. This ones I added to the supply list are very close to the same.

Grapevine wreath through storm door

My wreath hangs on a glass storm door so it’s important to make sure the stems are weaved well into the grapevine and don’t stick out through the back. Otherwise the stems would show when the door is open and you would see the back of the wreath through the glass.

Grapevine wreath through storm door

Depending on how long your greenery stems are you may want to cut those like you do the peony. I prefer to not cut my greenery that I reuse often. That way I can decorate with it in many different ways.

The greenery stems like these get lots of use. I have used them in painted ceramic pots and on wreaths. I love the wispy nature of it. For your wreath feel free to get the greenery you enjoy or might go with your style. Once you have your greenery around your entire wreath then you’re going to add your pink peonies.

Faux peony flowers for wreath

Cut your the peonies leaving enough of the stem to tuck into the grapevine wreath. They don’t have to be the entire length of the stem but keep mine around 4-5 inches.

Once the flowers are all snipped take the leaves and slide them all the way up to meet the flower. This will create more of a presence behind the flower with the natural leaves.

DIY summer peony grapevine wreath

I recommend using wire cutters when cutting faux florals because they are made with a strong wire in the middle in order for you to shape them. Depending on the thickness of that wire you could ruin your regular scissors.

summer peony wreath side view

When adding the peony into the wreath, try grouping them for interest and balance. Spacing them too perfectly around can make the wreath look too uniform. Place a big and a little flower together, maybe in threes. This gives more interest to your wreath.

summer Front door wreath

This color of green and pink flowers really stand out on our white backdrop. Keep that in mind when you are creating a wreath for your front door. Choosing colors you can see from a distance is what gives the curb appeal.

summer peony grapevine wreath

If you have a painted door in a dark color choose greenery that is lighter or more lime green in color. This way you can still see it from the street.

Our small front porch doesn’t take much decorating.

Front door summer wreath

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