DIY Flower Box

Build a simple DIY flower box out of pine wood boards.

I love building things especially when I have the supplies to make it happen already on hand. While dreaming up my Simple Fall Mantel Styling for this year I was determined to do it for free. Although, you may have to buy wood to make this project you could still do it fairly cheap. I happen to have a few pieces left over from previous projects.

DIY Flower Box out of scrap wood in the garage.

**Update: I used this same tutorial to create a work from home portable desk organizer. Working from home is great but the mess can get out of hand quickly. I like to work from my dining room table. BUT I don’t like to have a mess of papers, notebooks and binders left everywhere.

The DIY flower box turned out to be a great solution for a work from home portable desk organizer. I fill it with all of my desk items and then sit it neatly aside for when I am ready to wrk again. Quick clean up too. Here is a photo of it. Follow along below to build your own multifunctional wood box.

My wood was top choice so it was smooth. I wanted it to look somewhat rough so I took my hammer to it to make some dings. You can see more of those in the final photos once the piece was stained.

DIY Flower Box out of scrap wood in the garage.

DIY Flower Box Tutorial:

You will need to decide the exact size of your flower box but I went with 30 inches long by 7 inches wide. Making sure your flower box will fit the depth of your mantel and look proportionate in size is key.

I marked my wood for 30 inches, used a carpentry square to draw my line to be sure it was straight before cutting. If you do not have cutting tools at home you can have it cut at the hardware store to the size you need when you purchase the wood.


Keep in mind the ends of the box were 7 inches total that will not be the size of the cut pieces. Be sure to take into consideration the width of the long pieces as that will be part of the total width. For instance, to get a total of 7 inches wide I cut my end pieces 5 and half inches. Once I nailed it between the 2 long pieces I had my width I needed.

You will notice from the below photo I did this so that from the front my flower box would have clean edges.

I do not have a photo (sorry) but I cut another piece of wood for the bottom. You have two options here. It can be cut smaller to inset (like I did) or cut the the exact measurements to lay flush.

DIY Flower Box out of scrap wood in the garage.

One thing I also had on hand was this new product from DecoArt called Color Stain. I am part of the DecoArt Blogger program so from time to time I get surprises in the mail to test out. It was the first time I used it and I loved it. The sample piece below how one coat of color stain. The application was easy with a lint free cloth.

The finished box has two coats of color stain. It dried super fast and didn’t smell! I was very pleased.

DIY Flower Box stained with Color Stain.

Here’s the finished project as seen in my Fall Mantel Post.

Simple Fall Mantel Styling and Decor without spending money

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DIY Flower Box out of scrap wood in the garage.

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