How to build a Beverage Bar

How to turn an under the stairs closet in to a built in beverage bar, drink center for your entire family.

This unorganized, cramped closet was really wasted space.

It was a place for me to stash anything and everything that I didn’t want to look at or deal with at the time. This space is underneath the stairs between the dining room and the hall which leads to our kitchen.

DIY Beverage Bar from converted closet

It was the perfect spot to create a built in beverage bar out of this closet.

This is one of those projects where everyone in our home agrees was worth it!

Our kitchen counters are sort of chopped up so being able to move the coffee pot and supplies has freed up a section on the kitchen counters. The beverage bar also serves as a place to sit desserts when we hold family functions.

Here is the useless space before we cleared it out. This is exactly how it looked for years.

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Building a custom home beverage bar

There was some demo that had to happen. We removed the doors and the door frame.

This left a very rough piece of wood showing but that was alright because we were planning to add a smooth new piece over it to paint.

How to build a beverage bar- demo day

The only issue with removing the door frame was the floor. Once the frame was out that left the subfloor showing. We were very fortunate that we had a few pieces of raw hardwood left over from adding hardwood floors in other rooms.

Ray cut the wood to size then filled the seams with a stainable wood filler. I sanded and stained over it. I bought Miniwax stain in Golden Oak thinking it was the color and guess what…it was right on!

Custom Beverage Bar and Hardwood floor repair

Since this space already had two side walls all we had to do was build a back wall. We made sure to measure the depth of our cabinet and beverage fridge in order for those to fit.

As you can see the light fixture had to be moved but I am not qualified to explain that process. If you or your husband are handy with electrical then you may already know how to do this otherwise get help from a professional.

We did leave the light behind the wall in tact and wired in a new can light for the bar area. Both lights are attached to the same switch.

We added a horizontal piece of wood to the side walls in order for the butcher block countertop to sit on.

How to build a beverage bar from a closet

We bought the mini fridge and the slide in cabinet from Home Depot. The cabinet comes in different sizes so measure your space to see what size will fit.

The butcher block was purchased at Ikea. We drove to Charlotte and loaded it up.

It was 6 feet long and was enough to make the top, a shelf and a couple of extra cutting blocks for my kitchen. I purchased the HAMMARP Countertop in Oak. You can now buy this same counter top at Home Depot.

Then I used butcher block conditioner on it because Bob Vila of This Old House recommended it.

Customized DIY Beverage Bar

These photos show how everything comes together. To save money and time there are only studs behind the fridge and cabinet, no real wall. You can actually slide the beverage fridge out right now and crawl behind there if you wanted. We just added the planks from the countertop up.

Along with the two side pieces of wood that were added to hold the countertop a front facade had to be created to cover the space between the countertop and cabinet as well as to the right of the cabinet by the wall.

These were cut, glued on with wood glue then nailed in with finish nails.

Custom DIY Beverage Bar

We covered the walls and ceiling in the beverage bar with planks then painted white. To see how we installed the tongue and groove planks I have a tutorial HERE.

Beverage Bar with Wood Planked walls

Those brackets holding the shelf up are also from IKEA and cost $4 each! That is a great price! We were going to build some but when we saw these we were sold!

DIY Beverage Bar Shelf from butcher block
DIY Beverage Bar Counter top and Shelf

Beverage Bar DIY Project
How to Build a Beverage Bar from a closet- Coffee Station

I’ve already shared all of the details about the painting the beverage bar HERE.

You can find the mini beverage refrigerator at Home Depot.

DIY Beverage Bar Cabinet from Stock Home Depot
Beverage Bar shelf made from butcher block

I’ve shared a few photos on Instagram and was asked where I bought a few of the items. The three tier metal tray came from Sam’s Club over a month ago. Someone told me they went to the Sam’s website and found it because their store was out.

The black and white stripe bowl was found at Ross for $5.99 and I would have bought more if I could have found them! It matches everything! AND that little help yourself canvas, I painted it for free because I already had the supplies!

How to build a Beverage Bar- Coffee Station- Built from Closet space

If you would like to see the complete kitchen makeover click on over HERE.


  1. Sorry I don’t have more photos to share. The measurements will be different depending on your specific size space. We created that with similar wood to the stock cabinet we bought. It is nailed into the two by fours that is bracing the counter top. Hope this helps

  2. I am currently trying to do this same thing. Just need info on how you built and installed the face frame. If you can provide more details about this I would appreciate it. What size wood pieces and how to measure and install. Thank you!

  3. Hey! We have loved the little fridge. No issues for us at all. We mostly use it for beverages but I have used it as overflow often when we are entertaining. Cheesecake, milks, coffee creamers, etc. You should have no problem with those items.

  4. Hi there. Your beverage bar ideas are the inspiration for a beverage bar that I am working on. Can I ask, are you happy with the Frigidaire fridge? Besides beverages, do you ever keep anything else in it? I looked up the manufacturer specs and it states temperature can go to 34 degrees. I’m planning on using and installing similar into a studio apartment above my garage at our house in Maine. I like the look of the glass front. I don’t ever envision keeping things like eggs, or produce in it, but I’m curious if you think keeping blocks of cheese, yogurt, and other things might be okay?

  5. I tried the link for the beverage fridge you provided but it isn’t working. Can you tell me where you got yours/what model it is because I love it! Thank you

  6. I absolutely love this. I’m an all day coffee drinker and love home recipes for mocktails which any age group can enjoy. I don’t even call them mocktails just nice beverage ha-ha. I hope to make mine turn out just like yours. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you! My husband and I have a similar staircase in the home that we just bought. We used your mini bar blog post as an inspiration! it turned out great. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi! Love what you did with your bar. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy the hardware for your bar cabinet?

  9. I love your beverage station! My house is so tiny I couldn’t do that but I am doing a Hot Chocolate bar on my buffet for the winter, I will set it up this week. Thanks for sharing your lovely stuff πŸ™‚

  10. Agreed, I would love to know the model of fridge. I’ve been searching the web and can’t seem to find it. Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

  11. How did you make it look like the compartment for the fridge was part of the cabinet? What materials did you use for that part?

  12. hi! love this! looking to do something similar. Can you post the fridge you used? Thanks!

  13. do you have a link to the specific cabinet from Home Depot by any chance?

  14. I’m not sure about that but we have unused space behind the beverage bar wall that is open. We did not build that full wood plank wall to the floor so behind our cabinet and fridge we just left the studs and there is about 2 feet of open space where the ceiling slanted.

  15. I love this. I actually have a question. I have an old built in trash compactor in my kitchen that I want to replace with a fridge like you did. I’m worried it will overheat because it is not free standing, which a lot of them are sold as. Did you have to purchase a specific one because it was built in?


  16. Great Idea, Looks awesome!
    where did you purchase your beverage cooler? Does it have an ice maker in it? and what brand is it? Thank you!

  17. love the coffee station! Where did you get the tiered galvanized tray? I have seen this somewhere and cannot remember where?

  18. This is such a inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Can I ask how wide the space you ended up with was and the width of the fridge and cabinet? We’re looking to do the same but lucky our closet is already a little cut off due to the HVAC under the stairs.

  19. This is great! I am in the planning stages to build a little cabinet/countertop for a mini fridge in our basement Air B&B rental and this will work perfectly. The one I plan to make will be free standing, so I’ll have to make some modifications, but this has me inspired. Thanks for listing material costs and where you sourced them.

  20. Beautiful job!! I’m looking to do something similar in my office and we have a small space to work with as well. Loved your DIY project, such inspiration! What fridge do you have? I’m looking to get the same one, and the handle on top is exactly what we need! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  21. What a great idea! You do beautiful work! Please come and share! I would love it if you would join in on my Making Broken Beautiful party! It starts 6:00pm (MST) this Thursday September 10 and I would love to have you join up each week!
    Smiles for a great week!

  22. This is such a great idea! I never would have thought to do that. It looks amazing. What a great use of space. Great job!!

  23. Looks great! Just a caution though since it wasn’t totally clear what beverage fridge you used – if you don’t use one that is made to be totally built in and enclosed the motor will burn out pretty fast. The cheapie dorm type fridges don’t work.

  24. What an incredible upgrade for your home! Of course I love how amazing this looks, but I really love how you thought outside the box and created a truly usable space out of that closet! Bravo Sonya!

  25. Looks great Sonya and a great way to use that space.

  26. Gorgeous way to use a formerly impractical space. Very creatively and beautifully done. I want one… πŸ™‚

  27. Love everything that you guys did to and your beverage bar complete! Such a cute and practical space now!

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