10 DIY Home Decorating Accessory Projects

10 DIY home decorating accessory projects you can do today. Projects you can makeover, build or sew with beginner skill level.

Looking for an easy DIY project you can today. I thought it would be fun to gather up 10 of my easy tutorials all in one place. Check out our before and after home decor projects for even more inspiration.

Here are many of the home accessory projects I have shared over the years. Below the list I will share a brief description and photo. You can use the table of contents below to navigate directly to any specific project.

Click on the links above or on the title below to check out the project you would like to learn more about.

I want to give a shout out to the key organizer I built. Once we had 4 drivers in our house it was a life saver.

Seriously, how does one home have so many keys?

How to make a new vase look vintage

This post will show you how to paint a white porcelain vase to look like vintage pottery. Paint is always my go to when I what a quick makeover for our home.

DIY Pottery Barn look lamps

Remember those 80’s and 90’s style lamps? Well, they are trending big time. Paint your own pottery lamps from the thrift store.

Many times you can even find a set. See just how these look a lot like the high end Pottery Barn ones.

painted DIY pottery lamp

Vintage look wood sign

You can use this tutorial to make any size sign you’d like. Real vintage sign are so expensive. This is much more affordable option.

DIY Vintage Look Wood Sign Dark Wax

How to age terra cotta pots using paint

Simple painting technique to make a new terra cotta pot look like it’s been around a while.

Acrylic paint DIY age terra cotta pot

How to paint terra cotta pots

This post will show you how I painted these terra cotta pots in order to have a consistent paint finish.

Best trick for painting terra cotta pots

A key organizer you can build today

This is probably the one project you don’t think you need until you do it.

When I say it helped us to no longer look for keys, it did!! Even teenagers always used it. It’s the size that makes all of the difference.

Oh and the photo below gives away one of my little DIY hacks.

DIY Key Organizer that is sturdy enough for keys and more

Easy sew curtain panels

Knowing how to sew a simple curtain panel is an affordable way to take a room to the next level.

Fabric adds dimension to a room. The panels I made in this post have been used in 3 rooms of our home now.

I like being resourceful!

Easy Sew Curtains Tutorial for family room makeover

How to build a flower box

This flower box build was super easy and the best part, I use it for way more than flowers!

Such a handy project for beginners.

DIY Flower Box stained with Color Stain.

Coffee sack art

You can make art out of anything. When a friend gave me these huge coffee sacks I knew I would use them as a statement.

Thrift store art makeover

Out dated art is one of the easiest things to find at the thrift store.

Check out how to give it a new look with paper and paint.

Thrift Store Art Makeover-Before

I hope these 10 DIY Home Decorating Accessory Projects have given you some creative ideas to make something for you home.

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