5 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tips

Today I’m sharing 5 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tips that will allow you to get that farmhouse feeling in your home no matter where you live.

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There are many people obsessed with the whole farmhouse ideal. You know the big white house on tons of acres with chickens and goats with glorious interiors that consist of original pine floors and tall ceilings. Well, welcome to the real world where even more of us don’t live in a farmhouse.

Don’t fret though, I think there are some wonderful ways to bring the beloved farmhouse style into your home even if it’s sitting in a subdivision instead of out in the country. Keep simplicity in mind when decorating. Simple color palette and simple lines lend to simpler times.


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5 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tips

1. Fresh Garland

The kind of greenery that you can cut from a tree in your yard. Something like Pine, Leyland Cypress or Magnolia Leaf. Going out into the yard to cut your own fresh garland is perfect for those who really want the authentic rustic farmhouse look. I found some great tips at Pike Nurseries website for keeping your garland fresh if you do indeed cut your own.

There are many faux greenery garlands that look completely real. You may not have a cedar tree in your yard or you may have allergies like we do at our house. This is when you may need to purchase your greenery like I decorated with from our Christmas Nights Tour last year.


If you need real farmhouse inspiration my friend from Liz Marie from Liz Marie Blog has a real life farmhouse and it is stunning. Her Christmas tour has some beautiful garland.


As always, Joanna Gaines inspires us all with her decorating style.


2. Brown Kraft Paper gift wrap

I love this look a lot. I have used brown kraft paper mixed with other gift wraps in years past but I think if you are really looking for a true rustic farmhouse christmas you need to wrap all of your gifts in the kraft paper.

Love this look from Jenna Sue Design.


3. Handmade Items

Using handmade items is the perfect way to give your home a rustic farmhouse feeling. Handmade stockings and ornaments are my very favorite. Our handmade drop cloth stockings are one of my favorite touches in our Christmas decor. They look a little different this year on our mantel makeover and as soon as it stops raining and I am able to take photos I will share the full mantel on the blog.


If you aren’t into sewing your own stockings I found some beautiful one’s you can purchase. You can click the photo to see size and price details.

Simple handmade ornaments are always perfect for your Christmas tree. Our angel ornaments have graced our tree for any years. Getting together with my sister when the kids were young was always a fun time. I think an ornament decorating party would be super fun with friends or group.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-Angel

This simple ornament is made from supplies from my craft room.

Card stock paper, twine, buttons, and stamps.

Christmas Tour Barker Ornament

4. Twine

When I think of rustic Christmas decor twine always comes to mind. It has many different uses.

  • Tie candy canes together in clusters and stick in mason jars as a centerpiece.
  • Hang your ornaments with it as I did above when I used burlap twine.
  • Gift wrap details instead of ribbon.


5. Vintage Toys

Vintage toys make the perfect way to accessorize your home for the holidays. A great time to pull out your childhood toys that your mom insisted you keep. Like this adorable toy truck from Kelly Elko.


or these adorable trucks from Robb Restyle.


I hope these 5 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tips are helpful for any of you wanting to get this look in your own home.




  1. Beautiful ideas! I love your decorating style.


  2. I love all of these ideas! Farmhouse and vintage touches are my favorite.

  3. Love this! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I am going to incorporate a few thing because of it! You have a talent!

  4. Thanks for these tips. I love the farmhouse touches in my house.

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