Ceiling Fan Update

Ideas for a ceiling fan update to give a room a quick and budget friendly makeover.

To keep room makeovers affordable I tried to think about what I could keep but make look better. The ceiling fan update was one of those projects.

This is exactly what we did in our Family Room Makeover .

There are many people who do not like ceiling fans. We are a ceiling fan family. We like the extra light as well as running the fan. I searched for about 3 days for a new ceiling fan. As it turns out I still liked the style of fan I already owned. I kept choosing very similar fans. There was no need to spend money for a new fan when a ceiling fan update would work just as great.

$20 Ceiling Fan Update

Here is what the fan look liked the entire time we have lived in our home.

Basic, dark cherry blades and lots details on the glass globes.

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$20 Ceiling Fan Update for the One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover

The fan I own is a Hunter so it’s a quality fan. After thinking it over, I had a light bulb moment about the blades. These blades come reversible but since the fan was in the house when we bought it I didn’t know what the blades looked like on the other side.

I climbed up to check out the color of the blades on the reverse side. The lighter oak would be the perfect compliment to our new room.

$20 Ceiling Fan Update for the One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover

I also bought new glass globes. They were $5 each. I went with a less fussy more casual globe. I thought these would look good with our decor. There are several glass globe options at the home improvement stores. Changing the blades was super easy. There were three screws holding each blade on.

This is a great time to really clean the fan. Mine was a hot mess. It’s much easier to clean each blade when you remove them to flip over. I actually gave the brass a good cleaning too. Now it looks brand new.

I need to buy one of these dusters to keep it clean.

$20 Ceiling Fan Update for the One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover
$20 Ceiling Fan Update for the One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover

Easy projects like this ceiling fan update are perfect for someone who want’s a new look at an affordable cost.

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$20 Ceiling Fan Update for the One Room Challenge Family Room Makeover


  1. Thank you so much for the tips! You literally saved me over $100. We are currently remodeling our primary bedroom. I’ve wanted a new ceiling fan for so long because it seemed so outdated. I thought the best day of my life would be throwing that thing out in the dumpster we rented. It turns out the best day of my life was when I found your blog. So grateful to have followed your project. Cutting $100 off our budget has been a huge relief, and I LOVE how my fan turned out. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful!! I love your mantel especially! You have a powerful creative mind.

  3. Great update! I too, have been wanting new ceiling fans, but when the ones you have work fine, it is hard to justify the cost of a new one. Thanks for sharing.


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