Choosing Bedding

Choosing Bedding how to mix store bought with custom pieces

I’m not sure why but choosing bedding is one of the hardest parts of a bedroom makeover for me.  I think mostly because I dream of a beautiful bed like I see in a magazine and I like things comfortable but I’m not willing to spend a fortune to get the look.  I require a comforter and pillows that we can enjoy, lay on, cover up with, you know?!

This time around I decided to do a mixture of store bought combined with custom pieces. I thought this would allow me to get what I was after for look and comfort.

First I started at the fabric store.  I took my sister with me because she is great at helping see something I wouldn’t normally go for then mixing it with other patterns.

Choosing Fabrics for custom bedding

Look for the inspiration fabric first.  The one that jumps out at you most. This will give you your color palette for the overall design. This feather fabric was that inspiration for me.  I have been wanting to add blue around my house and I tend to like darker tones so this one was perfect. Plus, it’s so adorable!!

Next we carried this fabric around the store holding it up to other patterns to see what looked great together.  Since my plan was to purchase a store bought comforter, I was looking for pillow and accessory fabric.  I already had a denim that I purchased at Walmart.  So after walking around the entire store many times we came up with this.

Choosing Bedding and Fabrics for master bedroom makeover

I bought enough fabric to make 3 Euro pillows and two rectangle shaped.

Pillow Tip…make some of them reversible so you can change with the seasons.  That is what I did with the feather fabric.  I added the denim to the back of them where I plan to have monogrammed so when it’s summer I can turn them around for a different look.

After I had the fabrics, I was in search of a comforter.  This ended up a little harder than I thought! I needed a creamy color that would match with the wall color and the khaki in the above fabric.  After bringing a few home and trying them, then returning them, I ended up at Walmart!  I know, shocker!!

I found what I thought was the perfect shade, perfect size comforter in the Better Homes and Garden brand!! Fingers crossed I brought it home…and it was PERFECT!!! It was also super big so it covered my mattress well!

Choosing Bedding by mixing store bought and custom fabrics

Don’t mind the wrinkles…I’ll get to that 🙂

Wait…did you notice the bed is on a different wall?

Anyway, my plan is to make a bed skirt with the denim.  My neighbor made my pillows for me. She is super fast and I just wanted it done. While my husband and I got started on building a new headboard, our little Ranger was happy to keep the pillows company.

Choosing Bedding and Pillows

Don’t be afraid to mix your store bought things with some custom pieces.  It really is the best way to get an inexpensive yet custom look.

Next Friday I plan to show you our DIY headboard but for now a little peak at the bed before I get it finished.

FYI…those lamps are going!

Choosing Bedding and mixing custom fabrics with store bought comforter

If this is your very first time visiting, welcome! You should see our Master Bedroom Before so you can follow along with the progress.

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