Coffee Table Makeover

Coffe Table Makeover-Before and After

I posted a picture on Instagram about 8 weeks ago asking for input on what color I should paint my coffee table and there were lots of great answers.  In the end I went with my gut (and also the color recommended by many of you) and the coffee table makeover is complete!

I think it turned out so great!

I have had this table for at least 10 years.  I bought it at a small furniture store in Buford, Ga when we lived there.  It has great bones and is really well built.  I have tried different things as my coffee table but I always go back to this one.

It has a drawer that I like to display different things in from time to time.

Coffee Table Makeover-Before

It was just dark and heavy looking and since I have been trying to lighten things up I decided painting it was the best option.  I have had the same leather brown sofa longer than I have had the table and I have no plans of changing it.

Coffee Table Makeover-During Painting

I used the leftover homemade chalk finish paint that I had recently used to paint the topiary pots.  I knew that I wanted my coffee table makeover to include lots of distressing so I added water to the paint to thin it out.

Thinning chalk finish paint with water is also a great tip for a second coat of paint.

Coffee Table Makeover-Distressed detail

I painted 2 coats on because this piece was very dark.  I didn’t paint full coverage because I did want to distress it.  I didn’t paint the drawers they were just sanded and waxed.  I wiped with a damp cloth over the paint then rub across it with a sanding block.  Then I used dark wax over the entire coffee table.

Coffee Table Makeover-Distressed details

For the inside of the drawer I covered it with a piece of black and white ticking.

Coffee Table Makeover-Fabric covered drawer

I am super pleased with how this coffee table makeover turned out as well as how my living room is coming along.  I had thought of changing out this rug but that is another choice I’m not settled on…to be continued 🙂

Coffee Table Makeover-Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

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Have a great day,

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  1. This is simply inspired! My partner and I just scored a dresser off free Craigslist and I believe this chalk paint/distressing is exactly what we were going for!

  2. Your coffee table turned out amazing! I hope to improve my painting skills to this level!! I was wondering if the glass was already there before or did you have to put a piece of glass in it?

  3. First off, thanks so much for reading my blog and your kind words. You don’t have to get clear glaze from Lowe’s, any home inprovement store will work, you just have to find it. I would google it to see who sells it near you. You will actually mix the clear glaze and paint your self at home. It doesn’t take very much glaze so no need to mix up all your products for one project. You have to play with it to see how think it gets but it is close to 50/50 mix. With that being said, glaze is not a great product to use over chalk finish paint. It will not spread correctly. I would recommend wax. Use a dark wax in the details to highlight them and clear wax everywhere else. Hope this helps ~Sonya

  4. Good Morning Sonya,

    First of all I enjoy viewing and reading your blog, you are so creative and talented.

    I am in the process on painting some old furniture with homemade chalk paint and I want to give it the glaze appearance, read your blog on how you glazed the kitchen cabinets. The way I understand I purchase a clear glaze at Lowes and then have the color Brazillian Brown from Ace Hardware , mixed at Lowes in a sample container. Is this correct, the ratio is even, . I went to Lowes and they did not sell the clear glaze, actually they did not know what I was talking about, any input? Thank you

  5. Looks awesome!!! I have that same sofa… Can’t wait to see how your room ends up;)

  6. I love your table! It looks great painted the lighter color!

  7. I had a great 4th! Yes, the paint in the floor is the Valspar sample and I got it free with a magazine coupon from Lowe’s! The color is called Muslin Wrap. It actually is whiter than it appears in the jar. My husband has learned to just wait for the after…he never see’s the vision of my projects either. BUT like your husband, he always likes it when it’s done! Sounds like you have been super busy! Have a great week ~Sonya

  8. Hi Sonya How was your July 4th. weekend, hope you did some fun things.
    Your coffee table looks so much better lightened up, it looks like a good sturdy piece. I’ve gone thru a few different versions of coffee tables but have stayed with a wicker patio table we painted white this summer .Doing a lightening up ourselves. Summer seems to do that to us, we look at things that are heavy, dark looking we’ve lived with for while, winter especially when it looks ok but come summer we feel like we need to lighten up the place Like that you left drawer wood look, not painted, looks good with distressed off white paint. I saw little sample jar of Lowe’s Valspar paint on floor next to table, what color did you use? Those sample jars go quite a ways don’t they? Love when I can get them for $1 as mistint.
    We have a fairly new True Value closer to us so I’ve been buying their samples, $3.99 for full quart, gotta love that bargain. They’ve changed all their paints out so all have low VOC with primer/paint. We painted our l/r with a very light gray, hence why tables, other items in living room needed to be lightened up bunches
    . I had so much fun making new art, painting lamps, lamp shades, making new pillow covers. I even covered an old club chair I got at Habitat few years ago with vintage table cloths. Bought great “new to me couch” at Habitat couple months ago, love it, used vintage cloths on it also, used faded ones with light blues, grays on both pieces to add to shabby chic/beach/cottage look. When I first covered chair hubs said it looked funny with different cloth on different parts of chair, he’s getting used to look, says he likes it now.
    Does your hubs ever groan at what you do? Mine habitually says what I want to do won’t look right, it’s dumb but when it’s done he likes it, has no vision. You either see or don’t I guess. I’ve learned not to listen to him, go ahead with my ideas.
    If you choose to reply please do so to my email address: [email protected]
    Hope your summer is going great

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